Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Beets and Blue Cheese

Buen dia!
It is a beautiful morning here, cool and clear, but no breeze. It has been getting very hot here, in the mid 90's most days...... no humidity, thank goodness, but it is really hot. Even our Mexican friends seem perplexed over this as most of them say Febrero is a perfect month. A neighbor across the street says it is La Nina. Another neighbor says it could get cold again. I say we go to Obregon for the mini split..........

Isn't that a gorgeous photo below?It is a bowl of beets.
I absolutely love beets, it is my favorite food. I called a friend many years ago and invited her family to there anything you don't eat, i asked...................beets, she said, our family does not do beets for dinner? beets.
How can someone not like beets? Especially an entire family?

My favorite way to eat beets is with blue cheese, you know, the treasure cave blue cheese that comes covered in the orange rind. When I was pregnant with both of the kids, I did not eat pickles, very seldom any ice cream...........I ate blue cheese and beets.
I could easily eat a whole block of that cheese in the time it took to drive from Carnation to the OB-GYN in Bellevue. And, Linda, how are your eating habits...........perfectly fine, dr, thank you. I always brushed my teeth there in the waiting room restroom. In fact, I make a point of brushing my teeth after every beet and blue cheese meal............

When I worked for Starbucks, my favorite lunch cheese and beets. My co workers would run when I took my lunch bag out of the refrigerator. But I usually went to the park and ate so they really did not have to worry.
One of my favorite customers at Starbucks was this guy who drove a different shiny porsche every day. One of my co workers and I used to fight over who would get to fix his double tall non fat latte. It didn't have anything to do with him, it was those porsches and if it was a slow afternoon, he would take us out to the car and let us look inside at all the gadgets he had installed. My co worker was impressed and so was I, but I was also convinced he worked for a dealership.
One day I came back from the park and my blue cheese and beets, and 'Porsche Boy', as my co worker and I called him was standing in front of the store with my co worker and a shiny yellow, 1950 roadster with the tiny little window in back. It was so pretty. My co worker told me there was no one in the store and she had come out to look inside the porsche. So, I decided to stay and look at the porsche, too.
It was a beautiful fall day and the three of us just hung out, sitting in the seats, touching the dials and laughing and smiling and really enjoying ourselves. Some customers went in the store and since I was the boss of my co worker, I made her go inside and help them with their Starbucks Experience and I stayed outside, sitting at the wheel of the little yellow porsche. 'Porsche Boy' was in the passenger seat, showing me a GPS that he had installed and he said he was going to drive out to Ocean Shores for the day and try it out. I smiled real big and told him he had the perfect fall day for that kind of drive.
So, I wished him a great time and he drove off.
Back inside the store my co worker said.............what's wrong with your teeth....they look wierd..... .........i said well i don't know......
I went into the bathroom and my teeth were perfectly red, all covered with beet juice and white crumbles of blue cheese......................very, very embarrassing. I had not brushed my teeth yet.
I think the next few times 'Porsche Boy' came in, I went in the back storeroom. But, I will never even try to kick the blue cheese and beet habit.

We can, of course, find beets on any corner here. Blue cheese is a little more difficult to find. We can get it at WAL MART in Obregon and someone said they found it in Navajoa. So whenever we are in Obregon, I stock up on lots and lots of blue cheese. Another way we use it is with grilled poblano peppers. We take off the top of the pepper and stuff it really thick with blue cheese and just put it on the grill. Perfecto!!!!!!!!! But, I don't really even need the pepper.......
I am so lucky Senor likes blue cheese as much as I do, but beets are not even halfway up his food list. It's funny, but I can't remember if our kids even like blue cheese......they probably had enough of it before they were even born.......and I know they will only eat beets if force fed.

Since I can get alot of beets here, I am also doing a little experimenting with the beet juice. I am dying some cotton cloth with it, but so far, the color has not been dramatic. My plan, once I get the cloth the right color, is to do some kind of batik, but I am not sure I have time.........
pretty little pan of beet juice..............................


Calypso said...

I dance to a different beet - don't like them, but I do like blue cheese; and it is a nice photo ;-0

joe said...

Our family also loves beets. Our favorite recipe is Beetroot Salad. It's especially good mixed with rice and gravy. It's an old dutch recipe via South Africa:

1 lb beets, sliced
1 onion, sliced thin: seperated into rings
.5 cup beet liquid
.25 cup sugar
.33 cup cider vinegar
.25 teaspn salt
6 whole cloves
6 whole allspice
.5 stick cinnamon

Place beets and onion in a jar.
Heat to boiling everything else.
Pour over beets and onion, cover, refrigerate overnight.

Serve well-drained beets and onions.

Also good on crisp salad greens.

Steve said...

Bleu cheese -- yay! Beets -- boo!

Unfortunately, in Mexico, the availability is in reverse ratio.

Nikki said...

Hi Linda,
My name is Nikki, I am an american living in Navojoa and I LOVE bleu cheese. I just wanted to let you know that you can purchase it at LEY aviacion (the Ley located on the carretera to Alamos). It is near the deli counter.

Anonymous said...
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