Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Multi Tasking

I was sitting here minding my own business when part of the roof crashed in.
Senor and Umberto were up there with a saw and attempting to take apart one section of the roof, beam by beam, bit by bit, when the whole thing fell in. I think they are lucky they were not standing on part of it when it fell. I ran out to see what had happened and they were both laughing their heads off and Bill looked at me and said....well, that's one way to do it. He had sawed through one beam and nothing happened, so he made a small cut in another beam and it all fell down.

Above, roof on the floor..................

Below, looking up...............So, I guess now we are just that much closer to a new roof. I think the adobe is really pretty. I am making my case for keeping it as it is.

In the photo below you can see the first beam of the new portal. The wood form is in place and the second one, for the length of the portal, has been poured.. The beam is slanted to allow for rain run off. I didn't quite understand all this so Bill said...............climb up the ladder with me to the roof. Keep in mind, this is the roof that has just fallen and I do not like ladders. When Ian was in high school we made him climb up on the roof with a cell phone in his pocket, to move the tv antenna. We would call him on the cell and tell him which way to turn it. Once, when no one was home, and I really wanted to watch Survivor but could not get the channel, I got out the long extension ladder and propped it against the house. I climbed up to rung three and started hyperventilating.

But Senor insisted that if I am going to blog this, I need to get up on the roof. So, I went to rung three and stopped. Senor said..................come on. I went to number seven..........can you see the roof, he asked.............yes, i lied.........

There is a long piece of rebar up there and I grabbed it for security and lifted my head a little higher. I made him take the pictures because I was afraid to move.

In the photo below, you can see the rebar I held on to. The little cap looking thing is a drain and rain water will run off, through the drain, into the cistern, which is below all those pvc pipes in the photo above.

Looking down to fallen roof room above and then, below.

They will be removing the tin roof you see in the photo below. The roof slants down on both sides. The ladder side will catch rain water into that cistern and the other side of the roof will catch rain water into the new cistern that will be built on the other side of the house.
Are you still with me????

The roof has a parapet wall, a higher wall that runs around the perimeter of the house. Rain water gets caught against that and then comes down through these little drain things and into the canales and then, the cistern.

So, that's our roof. I think I have explained all that correctly. If not then we will hear about it soon enough......................the building you see at the very top end of our roof is the house 2 lots down. It looks very close in this photo, but it isn't. There is a nice shot of our black tinnaco.
The area above the black plastic is the caved in roof of the room behind the Hilton Garden Room. The nice white roof, farthest away, and in very good condition, is the roof of our two living spaces at the north end of the casa.
Below is one of the termite eaten beams from the roof that has just come down.

And, this is our pile of rubble, which senor says he might need for something...............what? i asked, why would you need that pile of rubble, why can't we have it hauled away so we can get the truck in here a little more easily...............well, because i might need it, he said.

On a prettier note, here is the little bilge pump fountain coming right along. Pipes have been cemented into the buried tinnaco and the wood form has been created.The first layer of cement (I mixed this cement by the way) has been laid. It will form the base of the little pool. A new form is being made for the circular wall around the pool. The fountain will be set on top of the pipes.

So, I think Senor is learning to multi task. He has never been real big on this, he likes settling in on one project and not beginning another until that one is complete. But, I see that changing, he seems to have alot of things happening at once. Not too many, just enough to really see some progress.
He is a now the roof taker offer, roof tour guide, the fountain form maker, beam maker and decider of what to do with rubble all at the same time. And he still finds time to light the carbon at the end of the day and grill a good meal on the asadero.................adios.


Glenn Ian Huntington said...

Great Blog! Love seeing the progress. It makes me want to move there sooner and start my multi-tasking projects.

Linda Lou said...

Glenn, just want to let you know that my computer doesn't let me email through windows microsoft (do not know why) to thank you for your wonderful comments, especially the ones you made long ago regarding horticulture and what we might do with our empty space between the new wall and the casa. When you finally get to Alamos, you will get the grand tour!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

WOW! And that's all I gotta say! Great job - roof caved in, & all!
Can't wait to see the fountain! Looks like you 2 are having 2 much fun! Can't wait to get down there & see it all some day!

xoxo Kax