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Monday, May 18, 2009

Back Home from Colorado


We returned home last mucho calor (heat). I had to fire some custom glass orders Saturday and Sunday, both at midnight, to avoid adding 1,550 degrees of calor to the calor.

Yesterday we packed up and went to the beach, where it was very windy and twenty degrees cooler. Maybe I will adjust by Wednesday or Thursday.

Colorado weather was cool and cloudy.
By Friday afternoon, graduating students began receiving emails telling them and their families to dress warmly, prepare for thunder and lightning and that while there was not an inside facility large enough to accommodate the expected crowd, graduation would proceed. KD said last year's weather was so bad, the university cancelled graduation and there were some very unhappy parents. So, they were not about to cancel this year just because the forecast called for a huge storm and 57 degree temperatures.

At 10:30pm on Friday, Bill and I were scrambling around town, looking for a couple of travel size blankets and umbrellas. I found some ugly, but heavy, black tights at the supermarket.

At 8am on Saturday, we were at the stadium, which was already half filled for the 10am ceremony.

We had on our fleece jackets, and our blankets were wrapped around us. Most of the parents looked just like us. But as I watched the stands fill up, I saw alot of young ladies wearing sleeveless sundresses and young guys in polo shirts and was freezing.
Bill went and bought a cup of coffee at the concession stand, he hates coffee.

Graduation lasted four hours.....four really long hours because by 10am, the clouds went away.
The sun came out.
The wind died.
It was mucho calor.
I wanted to rip those ugly heavy black tights off and about 11am I went to the restroom, did that and threw them in the garbage....................

Above, Hour One, a sea of blue, about 2,000 graduates.

Below, Hour Two, our daughter stands, facing right in the lower right of the photo, with her college, to line up for the podium.
Below, Hour Three, our daughter and two of her friends have had enough of the gown, off with it, they say!Finally, Hour Four, some can no longer tolerate the heat and the stands empty a little and the tassles are turned and the caps are tossed. We are done.

Proud father and daughter..............
Let the parties begin.

At 10pm, we have made it through all the parties and events we have the energy for and beg to go back to the hotel so we can watch the food channel.
KD continues through the night and we pick her up at her apartment at 9am for our Mothers' Day trip to Estes Park. She sleeps in the back seat of the car as we drive through the steep canyons and along the rushing Big Thompson. Slowly, on the twisting, winding road we ascend to a cool weather elevation, and when we get out of the car at the Stanley Hotel, I think for a second about those ugly, heavy black tights.
Below, proud mother and daughter.............
After brunch, we take a very scenic drive through Estes Park.................
The following day we fit in a last round of frisbee golf on campus, taking KD's dog, Tulo, and her roommate's dog, Brodie, along to chase lost frisbees and squirrels.

below, frisbees make great water dishes for tired dogs..............

we had a great trip...........tomorrow i want to tell you about our border crossing and our fm3 renewal.....adios..............linda lou

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Calypso said...

Congrats to you two and the hija! A labor of love well done apparently ;-)