Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What I did Yesterday and Today

Hola, I am on the west side of the casa, at 5:30am, to paint the ironwork over the windows because we have yet to get the beam paint and I have not decided if I am going to paint those beams senor said I can paint the ironwork. It is nice and shady here until 9am. This is my second day on the job.

Below is the before photo of one window.

Below is the after photo. The iron was very rusty and dull. After applying the nasty oily black paint the ironwork is shiny and bright. You can barely see the difference in the photos but you can see the pretty ironwork that is over many of our windows. There are about 10 ironworkers in Alamos. Many of them are related, but have thriving businesses as this type of work is very popular.

So, that's it, Just thought you might want to know what I did yesterday and today between 5:30am and 9am. Adios, going to town!

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