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Sunday, January 24, 2010

FAOT Days One-Two-Three

Buen dia!

FAOT is well underway here in Alamos. Below you can see the FAOT flag flying at the mirador. Faot, which is the Festival de Alfonso Ortiz Tirado began in 1985, in Alamos, in honor of Dr. Tirado and continues to be a huge event that brings in international performers and tourists from around the world.

Tirado, who was born in Alamos, in January of 1893, was not only an orthopedic doctor, but a remarkable tenor who sang in operas around the world.

FAOT, held in his memory, lasts for 9 days and includes not only a nightly opera venue at the Palacio, but many other stage performances around town.

The huge FAOT banner hangs outside the Palacio below, ready for the opening Thursday night event.

The impromptu street venues are very entertaining and while they are not on the program, they can quickly draw a crowd. Below the young American musicians are singing at the Plaza.

I was very excited for Friday, as it was a day filled with highlighted events that we wanted to attend. The program was full of exciting music from Germany, Jalisco, and Mexico City.
We awoke to rain.

It rained all day. Many performances were cancelled or delayed.
The little red train and yellow raincoated people moved quietly throughout town.

Vendors abandoned their tables.

It poured throughout the day and into the night. I got stuck downtown, in the rain, walking to spanish class and after, walking home.

Saturday, it was still raining.
Early in the afternoon, there was a change.

By 3pm, on Saturday, things are looking good and we are off to town, to check out the activities.
Vendors line the street with cajeta, a wonderful sweet fruit gel and honey.

Lots of artesanios and crafters are here.

Lots of dulces.
We walked to the plaza stage to hear Los Folkloristas, a wonderful group from Mexico City.

After the performance we watched the Estudiantina perform. This group of about 20 lively young men are a highlight of the Alamos music scene, at any given time of the year, but especially during FAOT, everyone is eager to see them perform.
They play a variety of percussion and string instruments, wear colorful caped costumes and stroll the streets of Alamos, followed by a wine laden burro and crowds of people.

A new addition to this year's festival is the Jalisco theatrical group, Zaikocirco. This group includes magnificently costumed stilt walkers, other dancers and musicians. It was spectacular in the dark, and we were mesmerized by their movements and the music.

Afterward, performances lasted well into the night, with more opera in the Palacio, Argentinian and Bolero performances on the plaza stage and jazz.
As Senor and I wound our way through the streets, on our way home, at the early hour of 7pm we asked ourselves if maybe Sunday night we could stay up a little later for the outdoor opera performance at 7pm.
So, Sunday is here with strong breezes and a beautiful clear blue sky.
Soon, we are off to the church where we will hear a saxaphone quartet. Then off to see the master Mexico City jugglers. Then while Senor walks home to check up on the football play-offs, I will get in some vendor shopping and some photography at the Plaza, maybe some barbacoa soup over at the arroyo or some fruit smothered in hot chili sauce.
It looks like a very promising FAOT day.


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Wow - I have so much catching up to do on your blog! I'm way behind on reading yours & putting something new on mine! I love your sky pictures, & reading all that you're doing, & I'm so glad you like your Starbucks mug! Skyping on dad's birthday sure was fun - we need to do that again soon!

Love you! Kax

Chrissy y Keith said...

you live in such and interesting place. Thank you for posting this.

Ian Huntington said...

Cuan maravillosa! Gracias tan tanto para documentar este festival espectacular! Desde que estudias espanol, ahora es una oportunidad para ambos de nosotros practicar.

Anonymous said...

WOW LOTS OF RAIN!! Did you ask the dredlock man for tips for when we do your dreds when you come to visit??