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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fiesta Electricity

Buen dia!

We are getting closer to Dia de Independencia, and here in Alamos, you can feel the excitement stirring in the air. You can hear it in peoples' voices. You can see it in the horse's hooves as he practices the dance on a side street. You can hear it from the schoolyard portal as the band practices. You can see it as the city works at a fevered pace, cleaning, repairing, painting and decorating.

The archway is getting a fresh coat of paint.

The signs Bienvenidos and Alamos are made of red white and green light bulbs.Outside of town, near the Pemex, are the new lamp posts. Because Alamos is a Pueblo Magico, the highway is soon going to be lighted all the way to Navajoa.Colorful banners, flags and streamers line the streets.

The Palacio is decked out in its finest green white and red, with new potted plants outside the doors.

We heard the first fireworks last night. I can feel the fiesta electricity!
adios! linda lou


Jacqui said...

How exciting for you.The Arch is going look amazing, I can't wait for the photos.

Tancho said...

Not enough noise and fireworks the other 11 months of the year?
Nice to see efforts through the country to spiffy it up, would be even nicer if it continued more, and perhaps some education into the graffiti and it's effects on the respect of the whole community.
Enjoy the holidays, you live in a beautiful area of the country!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hola! Thanks for the comments. I'll get more photos as the days go by. It is very true, we live in a beautiful little town. Our graffiti problems are handled by the Cobash (high School students) as part of their service to the community. They have to do the paint overs. LL

Steve Cotton said...

I am going to miss the bicentennial celebration becaue I do not return to Mexico until the end of Otober. I am going to count on you for news of the celebration.

On Mexican Time said...

Ohhh man....that is very cool! Cancun doesn't have anything like this!! I do not see a single flag that the city has put up in el centro for the lined streets...very unlikely!!!

Great pics :)