Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Friday, September 24, 2010


Buenas tardes!
I could not get Senor to take a moon photo last night. I am sure he would have captured something more dramatic than this, but here it is. Backyard 'Harvest Moon'.

Actually I think he knew, and so did I, the time to get this shot was as it first came up over the horizon, but I was busy barbecueing and forgot about it. This morning Senor took me to breakfast and I made the mistake of having a cafe con leche. I had a long early morning bike ride and not a smidgen of caffeine. So, I just decided I would have one at breakfast. Cafe con leche here is microwaved milk, a container of Nescafe and sugar. You add what you want to the hot milk.

I only added one teaspoon of Nescafe and a tiny bit of sugar. That is really good stuff, Nescafe.

But when we got home, not only did I finish the weeding under the unfinished portal area, I started weeding in the yard. I weeded under the limon tree, around the bricked in plants, out by the asador, by the fountain to be, over near the mesquite, really all over the place.

Tell me you can see the difference under the unfinished portal area. If you can't see a difference, do not tell me anything.
My hands hurt, my legs hurt and my back and hips hurt. Really, my everything hurts.

When it got too hot to weed, I painted half the door to the bedroom.
When it got too hot to do that, I painted the new iron door handles for Senor.
After that, I tried to sweep the dusty West Wing.

I drank four Topochicos, they are the equivalent of club soda, which I think it disgusting. However, for some reason, I could drink these all day.
Am I rambling now?
Breakfast was at nine.

The West Wing was just too dirty to sweep, so I went out to the yard and tried to set fire to all the weeds and brush I had pulled, too wet. So, I kindly asked Umberto to haul it out to the compost when he was done working for Senor.
Then I began to rake up all the limes under the limon and Umberto came and asked me if he could have them. I said yes, but I could not quit raking.
All this time Senor kept cutting something on his tile saw and carrying it into the bathroom to be.
I followed him in there.

The plastering of the walls in this room has been completed.
I know, it is awesome. Next will come paint, whenever.

But here is what Senor has been up to. He had whole milk for breakfast, lucky dawg.

He is decreasing the width of the fireplace so it will draw better. He has been cutting small triangular pieces of ladrillos and Umberto is mortaring them into place.

If you recall, this is the old original fireplace. Senor copied it and put in the one in the bedroom.
Fireplaces were not part of early Alamos architecture, so we are not sure when it was put in.

Oh dear meohdear. It is now after four o'clock in the afternoon. I have only sat down long enough to get out this post. I am just fixing to go and mow the WHOLE yard.
No more Nescafe.
adios! linda lou


Susan Erickson said...

nescafe ole! It is amazing how some days are so productive..and this sounds like one of must be that old full moon getting your juices will probably be howling later...( hopefully, not in pain!)

Nancy said...


You are too funny!

1st Mate said...

I don't get it. I drink two espressos every morning, and I don't get that kinda charge. What do they put into that stuff?

norm said...

Senor might want to check out a web site I follow: Forno Bravo is geared toward people who are working with brick and plaster fireplaces and cooking ovens.

Ed said...


Your weeding results look great. It sounds like you got a lot of good exercise also - a win, win. Myself, I would have bought a goat and it would have been a weed eater, not a pet.
The Nescafe could not possibly be responsible for your surge in energy. You need to look for the source and bottle it!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

I need to do weeding too so I should go look for some Nescafe! In fact, I just realized I forgot to have coffee this morning which is probably why I'm moving slow! Great job on all the weeding!

Ian Huntington said...

Is that stuff available in the states? I have lots of chores around my house but .... Like the festive changes to the web site!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

thanks all for your comments, no have never seen nescafe in the states! like the fireplace website!
i think i need a pizza oven now. LL