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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Weed eating and Waiting for Georgette

Buenos dias!

We are waiting to see what Tropical Storm Georgette decides to do. She is currently screaming across the Sea of Cortez, trying to choose who to pick on. The weather reports say she will visit Guaymus, but you never can outguess a storm, so we should know later this afternoon.

It was very, very windy throughout the night and Cookies, who usually goes in and out, all night long and this means, of course, Senor and I take turns getting up to let him in and out, refused to go out. We got a very good sleep, even if we did wake occasionally to the strong winds rattling the metal window frames.

The last few nights have brought us some perfectly gorgeous clouds and some rain here and there, some heavy during the day and then, chipichipi at night.

Senor is good at a lot of things and he is very good at going up on the ladder, with the camera, to take cloud photos from the roof.

The photos below were taken by him last night and the night before.
The first five were taken to the west and the last, to the east, very nice.

You know by now that Senor is very sabe le todo, he knows a lot of stuff. He knows how to make things, how to fix things, knows plumbing, knows electricity, certainly knows his cement, he is a gourmet cook, did you know that? Plays bridge, poker, gin rummy, I could go on and on about his attributes, very smart guy. I like that.

If he does break something, or should I happen to do the breaking, before he will go and buy a new one of the thing that has been broken, he will attempt to fix it. We have a hand sander, broken, and he has been working on it off and on for over three months to repair it. Even when we saw the same one at Home Depot, he would not buy it......because he can fix it, someday.

We have a weed eater, I admit I broke it. He ordered a new base for it, two months later it arrived, but then he realized a spring was missing, so now, he has found a spring supply company that carries the spring and he has ordered the spring, which will probably come, someday.
I thought it might be easier to buy a new weed eater, but no, he can fix it.

The truth is, he probably can fix it, he almost always does and if he can't, then the parts will help him fix something else.

So, the unfinished area of the portal, where there is no roof (outside the kitchen tool room and bedroom), is filled now with summer weeds. Some are over three feet tall. I cannot get the lawnmower in because there is so much rebar there. I need a weed eater. But we don't have one because we are waiting for a spring.

I was pondering this on Sunday morning. Sunday morning is very good pondering time, senor likes to sleep in, Umberto does not come and I can sit outside in my pajamas and ponder as long as I like.
But after about an hour of this sort of pondering I felt like I should do something. And it was then that I decided I am a weed eater. I don't need the machine.
I weeded almost half of the area by the end of the day.

In my next post I will be prepared to show you what I have done so far. The work actually feels good and after working again on Monday and by Tuesday, all the unused muscles in my back and shoulders were feeling better and stronger.
Some weeds I can only slowly trim down to the ground and others, I can completely rip out.

Everything that grows here grows here well. People say you can put a Popsicle stick in the ground and get ice cream. But the roots are often as deep as the plant, so I am tugging and pulling and sometimes wasting water on the weeds to loosen up the soil.

If Georgette gets here this afternoon, I may just put on my rain bonnet and finish up the job.
And then, manana, the spring to the weed eater will probably arrive.
Check back in a day or so, to see what the area looks like!
adios! linda lou


1st Mate said...

Those photos are what I call biblical. You half-expect something really angelic to come out of those clouds. My compliments to El Señor.

My Capt is very much like your Señor. Carpenter, plumber, electrician, general fixit meister. And yes, the downside to that is, the fixit list gets awfully long and one has to wait until the right part arrives or he gets around to it. But I'm not complaining.

Did you use a machete on the weeds? I can't imagine how else you would do it. You didn't say how El Señor reacted when he saw your work but I'm betting he was very proud of you. That's quite a yardful of weeds you had there. Hope you don't meet any bad bugs. Check yourself for ticks!

Leah said...

Amazing photography!

I hope the tropical storms subside before heading your way. We are still trying to clean up Veracruz from hurricane Karl. What mess those storms leave.

Jacqui said...

Fabulous photos.

That was a real challenge you set yourself but I would probably have done the same. When the mood takles you it's amazing what you can get done. Can't wait to see the 'after' photos.

Ed said...

Linda Lou,

Save you back, buy a goat! Then you can watch your weed eater work while you rest in comfort.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks for all the great comments. Yes the captain and Senor are very similar. I used scissors and my hands and pruning shears when I really could not pull something up. And yes! I have thought about a goat but really don't want any more pets. Ed, I thought about borrowing Cookie Valentine, Steve Foster's burro, but don't want to clean up after it! leah, so sorry Karl got you guys. georgette skimmed by us leaving a littl rain and lots of great cooling winds. After photos soming soon, Jacqui!!!

niftyknits said...

wow - in fact, so many wows! the cloud photos are just amazing, I shall be back to read more.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hola niftyknits!!
and everyone, I did forget to mention, georgette waved to us and deposited a little chipichipi as she blew right on by. In a hurry I think to get to Brenda's house in Guaymus!

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

LL - I need to ask you about something. Could you please email me at Thanks!