Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Battle With the Creatures


These things are driving me crazy. I hate interfering with Mother Nature, but they make life difficult.

So, I am unafraid to continue to try and destroy them before they destroy our Fuego trees and our Yellow Bell trees and anything else they decide to take home to add to their fungus.

They are mesmerizing, and of course, very, very smart, so this will surely be a long battle. As I have said before, their huge colony is probably under all of Alamos.

I just went out and wrapped all the Fuegos with fresh new tape and I watched for awhile.
It surprised me to see them working so feverishly this time of the day. They prefer to come out at night and practically suck everything green right into the ground. So, I think by wrapping the trees I have a jump start on the activities they will perform tonight under the cloak of darkness.
The last time I tried to get video footage of their activities during the day, they tricked me and some ants on the ground crawled up my legs and bit me before I could say.........jimminy I was very careful today. I kept looking down at my legs while I filmed, isn't that smart? It explains the quality of the video I included below......

It's obvious they are not pleased. But I think it is a matter of hours, maybe minutes before they find a different route.

As I came back around the corner of the casa I saw that the hummingbird feeders are just covered with bees. Then I went in the kitchen tool room and noticed there were a few bees in there. When night comes I will take down the feeders. And with a flashlight I will look for sleeping bees.

This happened last year and by the end of the day, the bees seemed to get drugged on the sugar water and bunch up in a ball right below the feeders, on the cool ground. They can't stay here, this is not a hotel, so when it is dark and they ball up, I will spray them. It is really not like I can pick them up and throw them over the fence.

The woodpeckers and the butterflies have been enjoying the feeders until the bees arrived today. So they will have to find some other nectar.

The hummingbirds are after the red flowers now and the bees do not seem interested in those, nor do the ants, thank goodness.

Other than these small nuisances, it is a beautiful day here, brilliant blue and cloudless sky, good breeze blowing the wind chimes around.

The days are quite short, with the dark settling in around five-thirty and by then tonight, I will be rehearsing some good music with five very talented people for what promises to be an excellent music fest Friday evening at a local restaurant.
Until I was invited to join in with this amazing group of musicians and asked to sing with them, I had not performed in public in over thirty years. So, this is very exciting, it is a renewal of something long passed, something I used to do and loved so much. I am pretty happy to be part of it all.

Senor will be finishing up an afternoon of bridge and will meet me and listen to the practice.

Then we will come home in the dark and I will be ready for a Battle With the Creatures.


Jacqui said...

Fascinating to watch, but so destructive! I hope you win your battle.

Jonna said...

If you really want to win, go to a hardware store and get a bottle of Trompa. They are pellets, like rabbit food, and you put them in the path of the leafcutter ants. They love it, they will stop going for anything else and carry off all the bait. Keep refreshing the bait until they don't come around anymore. Congratulations, you've killed one of the nests. There are many more and one day they will return but the Trompa will save you again. If you have an aversion to killing them, then get used to never planting anything they want. They are not endangered, they will inherit the earth.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi jacqui, yes very fascinating to watch!!
jonna, we have used trompa, patron and red star estrella and our aunts are not interested. Once I found one of the nests and shoved lots and lots of trompa down it and they just kept pushing it out as fast as I pushed it in. I did this several times and they just moved their nest. Same with the other products, thanks though, I will definitely try it again...and you are so right about the inheritance.

Jonna said...

Wow! I wonder if you have a different breed or type of leafcutters up there? The tropical devils down here love them some Trompa, they haul that stuff off so fast it's crazy. It might be that there are strains of different types like there are sugar ants and meat ants and such.

I'm sorry the trompa doesn't work, those creatures are relentless and they can defoliate a tree in one night. I really hate them. I'm not fond of any kind of ant but I've learned that I can only win the skirmishes but they always win the war.