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Monday, November 22, 2010

Beautiful Moon

What a moon last night. Cookies hung around outside a lot, dogs howled, roosters crowed, donkeys brayed, birds sang. It may as well have been daylight. It was so bright!

We are in the US, holed up in a hotel near the Tucson airport, resting after a pretty good trip north and an easy border crossing.

The weather is fair and sunny, and manana we will fly to Dallas and visit my parents and siblings for Thanksgiving. We are looking forward to our family being together for Thanksgiving for the first time since the late seventies. It will be a wonderful event!

So that is all I have to tell you this afternoon. I may be offline for awhile, so here's wishing everyone, wherever you are, a wonderful Thanksgiving!
linda lou


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...


Ian Huntington said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Jacqui said...

Have a lovely Thanksgiving with your family.

Steve Cotton said...

Enjoy the trip north. I enjoyed coming the other way -- even through the dreaded Dallas airport.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

My comment brought some congratulatory emails. I meant hot water while on vacation....

Jacqui said...