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Friday, November 19, 2010

Wish You Could be Here

Buen dia!
I am happy to say the bees have left the yard and the sticky tape did its job because the ants left also. The bees are swarming up the street around the old entrance to the tequila factory. Who knows where the ants went. I am sure we will find out soon enough.

The woodpeckers are furious that I took down the feeders. They have been flying in that area all day, chirping madly, but the hummingbirds are happy with the red blossoms.

We have had several visits from a flock of green parrots. Senor caught them here as they were leaving one of our trees for places unknown. They come in fast, with great screeching for such little birds, sit for a few seconds and then, they are off again. They are really a brilliant green and great fun to watch. This morning I lit a fire in the bathroom fireplace and worked on my Christmas cards. If you have been following the blog for awhile you may remember these. If you are new to our tales, you can see that these are made of fabric and then, layered together on cardstock. They are my Christmas gift each year to both sides of the family.

Each year I used to make hundreds of these. I sold them in holiday craft fairs and used to sell them online as well. This year I will be making them for the family and selling them, along with the glass pendants and earrings, at a holiday craft fair I will be going to in San Carlos.

I just polished my most prized possession, my Camp Fire Girl Wohelo bracelet. Do you have one? It was the reward I got in the sixth grade for making an Indian princess outfit that was covered with beads and fringe. Then you had to wear it and do a dance. Good grief, all I wanted was the bracelet.

Then we moved. My sister did not get to make the dress, do the dance or get the bracelet. I lost the bracelet.

A few years ago, back in Washington, it arrived in the mail, from my sister........I am sure she was just keeping it safe for me all these years.

I always thought Wohelo was a special Indian word. I just looked it up. Camp Fire made it up. It stands for work, health and love, the first two letters of each word. I guess I didn't pay any attention to that part. Again, I just wanted the bracelet.
Well, I am happy to have it, and it is almost always on my wrist. I panic if I have misplaced it.

So, I have it on now and am getting ready to walk down to Las Palmeras for the big music fest tonight. Last night's practice was wonderful and some new songs were added. It will be great fun.

This evening will also begin the celebration of the Revolution and in the morning I will get to town and take photos of the parade. There is another traditional festival all weekend back at La a very busy weekend is about to begin.
Wish you could be here!

que le vaya bien! linda lou


Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

OMG! I have my WoHeLo bracelet right here in my hand! It's one of those things we just had to schlep all the way down to Mexico and back with us. I'm so happy you "found" yours. Camp Fire Girls was one of the biggest influences in my life. And your cards are going to be just beautiful. How you find the time to do everything you do is amazing. Good luck $elling your gifts in San Carlos!

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

p.s. I finally got a job!

Ian Huntington said...

Wish I were there. It would be a pleasure to hear you sing.
Glad you didn't get bitten by the leaf cutter ants yesterday and that they're gone today. I'll remember the tape trick. It's so much nicer than pesticides.
You are so busy with your many art projects, fiestas, siestas, fairs, dinners, trips etc. How do you find time to keep up this blog? Glad you do - look forward to each one.

Chrissy y Keith said...

I really wanted to be a Camp Fire Girl, but we moved before I got to that age. I was a Blue Bird however, not nearly as cool as a Camp Fire Girl. The town we moved to only had Girl Scouts, so I did that until I got all my badges. No cool braclets gang it.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Love the WOHELO tales, poor Crissy!!!!!! Congrats, Cynthia on the new job! and yes, Glenn Ian, you need to get back here soon! LL