Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
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Thursday, January 20, 2011

On the Way Home

Buenos Noches.
We are in Hermosillio. I don't remember ever being this drained, emotionally and physically, well maybe pregnancy. I don't know, that was so long ago.

It is good to just be back in Mexico. I think my blood pressure has dropped to normal.

Selling a car to a dealer and choosing to not buy a car from the dealer presents an interesting array of problems. I am going to make this short.

The Phoenix dealer finally sent us a certified check, on Wednesday, to our Tucson hotel, for the amount of sale. We took it to the dealers' bank and the bank said..................oh, no, you can get one third tomorrow and the rest in a week, but if you want to open an account with us you may have half today.

Our personal bank can have half tomorrow and the rest on the 26th of January.......but, you have a Washington account, and if you want to get a little more, maybe you should open an account in Arizona?

Our brokerage account said............okay, you are in a tough spot, we will give you a third today and the rest in a week.

We managed to organize enough to pay for new old car today without opening a bunch of Arizona bank accounts, but will not have any access to the rest of our money for at least a week. We bought a nice jar of Laura Scutter peanut butter after we left the car lot.

Here is the switch-a-roo below. In the Pier One parking lot on Oracle, we are removing the accumulation of 9 days in Arizona from the zippy VW rental to new old car. Senor thinks I have a lot of stuff.

New old car, fully loaded.

Now, we are across the border and in Hermosillio where we will stay the night.

Senor is tired of me bugging him and wants to rest and watch TV. He is giving me the evil eye.

It was a long trip and it was a little too eventful.
I ended up in a walk-in clinic because my leg wound hurt too much and I felt like I might have a kidney infection. Interestingly enough the DR said she would not treat my leg because I had seen someone in Mexico. She did determine I have a kidney infection and prescribed 6 little pills for me. 6 little pills...............
Senor determined the anitibiotics would work for the kidneys and the leg as well. Indeed after 3 days, the leg is better and we are still waiting to comment on the other infection. Then Senor got food poisoning and well, what more can I say?

Before this happened we did go for our drive to Saguaro national Park and took these photos for my parents. Maybe you will look at them and say.......hey, I have been there, too!!!!!!

I am pooped out, and going to leave you with this, a fabulous you tube video for FAOT, which my Alamos friend, Emily, discovered. FAOT begins tomorrow. I cannot wait to get home.


Brenda said...

So??? What is the point then of a certified cheque if you can't get the money from it? Weird. Must be a US banking thing.
Food poisoning in Arizona. Yup, been there, done that. Each year I go with my girlfriend when she has to take her friend up there to catch the plane to return home and we have a 3 day girls time. Shopping, eating out, etc.. Each year we get sick. This last time we decided it might be the different water so, get this we took bottled water with us from Mexico. lol. The US border guy gave us a pretty strange look when he saw it and questioned us about it and my friend honestly told him why. Anyway we still got sick so I have decided that either the restaurant staff are not clean enough hand washing wise or they are not cleaning their salad veggies very well. I have crossed salads and water off my list for eating and drinking up there now.
Sure am glad I have had my Hepatitis shots.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

What a CUTE little CAR!! I hope your 6 little pills make you all better & I know you are ready to get back home! Have a safe trip tomorrow! Love you! xoxo

On Mexican Time said...

Yikes! Sounds like quite the eventful trip... Hope you are feeling better??!! Oh and Senor too!!!

Congrats on the new car :)

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

brenda, I know it, the only time we ever get food poisoning is in the states....
thanks girl! it is a cute car and on mexican time, Senor is better and I am working on it!