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Monday, January 24, 2011

Wimps for Sure

Buenos tardes.
It is late in the day and I am braising chamberle con hueso, which is a cross cut shank with bone in. It is cooking in a chili verde sauce and it smells yummy! Takes about three hours to braise, on the little hot plate. So while it boils (there is no simmer switch) I will get in some quick FAOT.

Below is the announcer for the FAOT festivities. Before each performance he walks all over town with his blue bull horn, announcing what the venue is and where it can be found. You may remember him from last year's FAOT posts. In this photo he is outside the church telling us that the flute and cello Johann Sebastian Bach concert is about to begin.
I went in early and sat in the fourth pew back. I would have sat in the third, but the seats are missing.

This performance was by Horacio Franco (Mexico) and Asaf Kolerstein (Israel). It was spectacular. I tried to upload a video I took and it would not work, so I will give it to you in still shots.
Kolerstein's cello is waiting patiently..................the church is quiet and still.

The musicians begin.

Franco's wooden flutes wait their turn.....................

Bach would be very pleased...........................
It turns out I am sitting in the nuns' pew. They were very kind and all five squished in so they would fit. I took several photos of them, trying to cleverly hide my camera in my lap, until the sister at the end coughed my way and gave me a snarly look. You can just barely see her head, it is turned and she is looking directly at me, with one raised Jack Nicholson eyebrow. At about that moment I realized the red light on the side of my camera was going off in her face with each shot.

Outside the church, near the tourist office, the children are having drawing classes.

On the Alameda a few folks are gathering for the country band. Believe me, the crowd became huge. You can see 'announcer guy' in the back. He is everywhere.

Hula-hooping and dancing.

Lots of food in the stalls.

The salsa band above was a hit.
Oops, dinner is ready. Gotta go.
We are thinking about walking down to hear the brass quintet outside the church, do we eat now or later.............but some cold weather has blown in and I am thinking sitting in the bathroom to be with a nice fire blazing and hot chamberle in chili verde sauce and then, a good book sounds good.
Jeez, we are such wimps................


Nancy said...

I'd stay away too if I had the nuns mad at me!

Ha ha I would never have even tried for a picture, good for you!

Saludos, Nancy

Trinidad said...

Oh it all looks so fun! Nancy is right you were brave for trying that shot, I don't think I would have risked it!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

I know, I can hardly believe I did that. I am not a bold photographer. but they must not have been too mad, because when I got up to leave the one to my right took my hand and kissed me on the cheek.