Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Safety Inspection Tour

Buenos tardes.
I thought I had more time, but Senor just got home from bridge..........early.

He wants to go online now and look up the Phoenix car dealerships and their locations. He also needs to get our daily online US car insurance. We are going back to the states manana to sell the truck. Just another trip..............I am getting used to the frequency. He says my leg looks like it can handle the journey. I am not so sure, but suppose we will find out.

I went outside earlier and gave a yard safety inspection tour to myself. I am glad I took the time because I saw some things I had forgotten about. And some new things I had not seen before.

Here is the newest little project. It is a deep trench that is right outside the bedroom door. Imagine my surprise a few days ago.
I have to step over it to get anywhere else.
One end has a lovely piece of rebar in it. I wouldn't want to fall in that end. This end is multi leveled. You could either fall in one feet of space or three. Choose you pleasure.

Out near the asador is a broken step in the small wall you step onto when going from one level to the next. I use this route when hanging clothes. I have been trying to step over and not on it. It's not easy to do that when carrying a basketful of wet clothes. I usually end up halfway stepping on that small tree trunk.

Here is some new rebar, note the condition, bright, fairly shiny, should be easy to see it laying over there against the fence. That must have just been delivered recently. It has no purpose yet but to lay there and taunt me. It says..............just wait till you see what i will be..............

Oh, these old beams. They have been moved out from under the portal. Senor says he can have a table milled out of them. Okie dokie........... just as long as they stay out here until we are eating steak off of them.

Old grid shaped wires below. They have to be kept and will go up on the roof one day. For now they are a good trellis for some dried up old weeds.

Ahhhhhhhh, below, my best new friends, the nasty columns of rebar. I can just barely look at those.

Now, this is interesting. A pile of ladrillos, just laying around in the yard. Don't know what they are for, looks like somebody was practicing their karate.

I guess they got tired of practicing over at this group and decided to just leave them laying there. You really can't see them until you are right on top of them.

Here is another trench. Out in the backyard. Someday a sprinkler sysytem will go in here. Out to the fruit trees. In the meantime, I am the water girl and there is a trench there. It's about a foot deep, grass is growing around the edges. I always seem to get the lawn mower stuck in it.

Somebody was kind enough to put a rock in the trench to remind me that a trench is there. That was nice.

Now, you wouldn't want to step too far off the concrete outside the kitchen door. You would run right into this mix of metal rebar. The X marks the spot. There is no getting through.

And you wouldn't want to accidentally make your way through this opening. That's a rebar column there. You won't fit, probably scrape up your arm or elbow on that.

You can't walk off the step here. Maybe it's yard art. I see Cookies sleeping there alot. I am sure it's warm.

There's a long box of rebar here that has to be stepped over carefully. If you catch your shoe in that you'll fall forward and either hit all the cement placas that are piled up or you'll fall into the wooden ladder leaning against the house. And Umberto has probably left a tool up there on the top of the laadder. That won't feel good.

If it doesn't take your shoe off, it'll at least take off the top skin layer on your foot.

Trust me, you can't step between this, both edges will rip your shoe right off your foot. You have to either buy a pair of those bouncing moon boots or just take a really big step over. That's about an eight inch step.

And just when you think you have seen it all, there is the buried rebar treasure.
And rebar that has been bent down by the wheels of the wheelbarrow. Should make it more safe. But just when you start to think something is safe, you find out differently.
You have to step up and over. This one will take both shoes off at once. About eight inches here.
And you certainly don't want to pull the orange out of the bottom of the grocery bin like all of us have. These bricks would be a little heavy.
After taking this little tour I am beginning to wonder if I should just lock myself in the bedroom until this project is done..........adios! I will talk to you from Phoenix. linda lou


Jonna said...

ack! I don't have good luck on construction sites. When we were renovating our house I was here a lot and I always found something to fall over or almost fall over.

May the force be with you - I think you need to learn to just levitate over all that, perhaps some anti-rebar boots that push you up and over any of the nasty stuff.

Trinidad said...

Yikes! You really need to be careful around your house, it is a dangerous place! When my mother would go down to visit my dad's family in Zacatecas, she would occasionally scrape her leg/foot on rusty looking "rebar" that was laying around. On one of these occasions she got a nasty infection and had to go to the hospital upon immediately returning home to California. I strongly urge you be very careful around the rebar especially not to mention all of the holes. Oh my, I'm worried just thinking about it. I wish you and Senor a safe trip to Phoenix and a safe trip around your home.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Girl!! I hope you are doing ok after getting hurt & please just be SO careful & don't get anymore owies! Do what mom is always telling me - slowwww down & watch every step! xoxo

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

And have a safe trip to Phoenix!!!!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thank everyone for your comments. I hope the force will be with me!!!!!!!! The leg is better.

Anonymous said...

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