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Monday, February 7, 2011

FAOT, Over and Out!

Well, FAOT has been over for over a week. Thank God! I am seriously glad it is done. I am so glad that I was just going to not show you any more photos, but I took these shots during the happier moments of the last night and they are cool to look at, so enjoy them.

Above, the Palacio is covered in the vivid reds and greens and whites of Mexico and below, the line is beginning to form for the last opera performance.

Senor and I did venture out that last night and all was going well until we got seperated.
It was really a nightmare!

I cried. If you saw me that night standing alone on one end of the Plaza, with little teary eyes, it was because I could not find Senor and it was really bad. The streets were so packed you could hardly move.

The one night we finally decide to go out late! We had been walking along, laughing, and we joked that it was worse than the crowds at Disneyworld. Senor joked that if we got lost there was no lost and found and we should just meet at the 9:30pm cafe Havana Show.
Sometime around 7:30pm, as we were trying to decide where to eat, a large group of teens broke through, in between us, and Senor vanished.

I searched forward thinking he had gone on ahead with the surge. He actually went backward. I stayed put on the west corner of the Plaza square.

Around 9pm I went to the staging area for the show and not long after I saw Senor in the distance. I burst through a couple of teens holding hands, just about took out an old abuelita and her grandbabies and grabbed Senor's hand. He had been on the east corner of the Plaza square the entire time. We were so upset.

As we hightailed it out of the Plaza, pushing and shoving through the 'Kissing Alley' to get to what we hoped would be a quieter Alameda, things got even more hectic. There were hundreds of people walking into town for the last night. We could hardly wait to get on our quiet little street. Senor says no night time stuff for him next year. I agreed and silently promised to get to the IMSS clinic this week and get some medication for my high blood pressure.

As soon as FAOT left, the Mexican Televinisa rolled in so they could close off half the streets in town and film their very popular telenova (soap opera). So now we are inundated with Mexican tourists who want to see their favorite stars and American and Canadian tourists who are realizing it really is okay to come to Mexico.

We rarely went out during the day last week because of all the road closures and these roads are still closed this week as the filming continues. Then a cold snap kept us in at night.

During FAOT I received some custom glass orders and I cannot justify running the kiln for only seven pieces, so I spent much of last week cutting over seventy pieces and just finished firing them today. What a relief!
Below are two of the custom pendants, and the colors are as brilliant as ever. I may be tired of cutting and firing, but the end result is almost always magnificient!

Senor took off the form on the bottom half of the column today. Then he and Umberto placed the form on the top half and began filling it. Remember, the walls to the left and right of Senor will both come down and open to the sala, which will be one room housing the living room, dining room, kitchen and small library. That window behind Senor will be the front door and the column will pretty much be in the center of the room, helping to hold up the roof.

A sweet friend gave us about twenty starts of bouganvillia and Umberto has been busy planting them against the coyote fence. I will be busy watering for a long time.

This morning I began working on the centerpiece I made last year for one of the tables for the Las Comadres luncheon. The three dolls, made of wire, just need a little touching up and they will be good to go to the luncheon. They just need new flowers and jewels and a good cleaning.
I don't have time to make a brand new centerpiece, so I said as long as it can be the same one from last year, sure I will bring a centerpiece. Perhaps no one will notice the ladies were even there last year.

Maybe a little later Senor and I will go down to the video store for a movie.
But for the moment, there is a little breeze blowing and the sound of the windchimes will lull me to siesta........
Que levaya bien.
Linda Lou


Steve Cotton said...

Our festival this year in Melaque (our first) was a lot of fun. But nowhere near as crowded as yours. Maybe it just needs time. Ours, that is.

judysquiltsandthings said...

Those three dolls are so lovely they would be a treat to have as a center piece again.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Steve, glad to hear you had a good festival, I don't know about there, but they seem to roll right into one another here!
Thank you, Judy, I will try and get another picture when I set them up this morning for the event.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Great pictures girl! Love your glass & the dolls! How scary for you when you got lost - before next year's FAOT you should get a little set of walkie talkies so you can find each other! xoxo