Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
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Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Took a Little Trip

We have been gone, we took a little trip.

Now I would have a contest of some sort to have you guess where we went, but I think everyone would say Tucson.

And I would not have enough prizes because you would all win.

We drove up last Sunday and met KD, who flew down. We spent five days there with her. How good is that? If you recall, one of the reasons we chose Alamos to live was the close proximity of the states and the opportunities to see family. I would say it has been a good choice.

Before we left for Tucson, Umberto started this below. It is the east wall of the kitchen to be. It will be a long time before it is completed but I was excited to see it begin. Senor and KD.

We jam packed our week. I am going to only show you just a few highlights.
As you know by now, Senor is probably the better photographer of the two of us. But we like very different subjects. I find landscapes a little boring, but he seems to be able to see the composition and the lighting.

He took these shots in Sabino Canyon, outside of Tucson, in the Catalina Mountains. A tram takes you to the top. We walked the hour and a half down. It is a gorgeous canyon.

Here are a few of the things we did: we went to Karchner Caverns, to the picture show, shopped at the mall, got the window repaired by the car dealer, got all the car paperwork notarized in AMERICA because the Washington Department of Motorized Vehicles would not accept a Mexican notary, got all of Senor's building and construction needs taken care of, went out to eat, cooked at the hotel in the kitchenette, went to the downtown Post Office and collected some general delivery mail, went and got the other chair we had left at Pier One, went to the bookstore......only a sampling.
We went a lot. We were in the car a lot.

And I made a discovery. Senor is hard of hearing. I know he will not admit to that, just like he will not admit to needing glasses even when he is wearing them.

KD rode shotgun. Senor drove. I sat in the little back seat. I had the map.

mom,....... says senor (he always calls me mom when we are with KD and Ian), he says, where is the road to the caverns, which way do i go east on irvington and then turn south on country club....................(driving now)................why are we still going west, i say to said go west...............i said go east, make a u turn.......................(driving, driving, driving and i am reading the map)..............wait!........ i said.............. make a u turn and go east, you are still going west, isn't this west?.............well, if you would look you would see the sun sets ahead and that is west, says senor.........i said, go east on irvington, you are still going the wrong way, i told you that a long time you said go west........................i did not! you have driven us way far west from our turn, i said make a u turn.....................GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................yells KD......quit yelling, talk in a normal voice, please. Talk about payback from your kid.

Anyway, this sort of interaction happened several times. I only have half the hearing in my left ear and I think I have Senor beat. I will have to stay on top of this and make sure, but believe me I am pretty sure.

We went to the Tucson Rodeo. Now this is my kind of photography. I like people shots and I like them to be fast. Of course, I get very few good photos, but it is what I like.

I took two hundred and forty six shots of bulls and horses and cowboys . I actually got about fifty good shots, but here are my favorites. I would put the rest on flickr and send you there, but I think I let my flickr account go bust. I will check into that, too, one of these days.

So now here we are back home. Umberto has the wall going. It looks good. Above the wall will be a bank of windows, over the counter and the sink.

In the corner above will be a small fireplace, same shape as the others in the bath and bedroom to be, only smaller and at kitchen counter level. I think you can get the idea. The wall does a nice job of hiding all those mounds of dirt on the other side.

So, I miss 'Cactus Kissing KD' a lot already. There is a chance that she and a friend will come down in late April or early May. Wouldn't that be wonderful? There are absolutely no plans for going NOB anytime soon. We are hoping the Washington license plates for new old car can be DHL'd to Navajoa and that will complete all of the car activities.

que tengas buen dia!

linda lou


Anonymous said...

linda lou,

kd is a cutie. how old is she? is she still in wa? maybe i can matchmake her with one of my sons. just kidding. i don't think any of them needs a matchmaker.

great pix but my absolute favorites are the ones of the rodeo. you have some terrific shots! i love rodeos and have taken lots of pix at the ones i've been to but don't have any as good as yours!

kd cactus kissing is funny and the one of the 2 of you and of her and senor are sweet.

enjoy your warm weather. we got about 6 inches of snow yesterday-it came down for at least 12 hours.

que tu y el senor tengan un buen dia.

teresa in lake stevens

Jacqui said...

I love the last photo, of you both together. You certainly had a busy trip, but doesn't it feel good to get so much achieved?

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

The pictures are great & looks like you had so much fun together! I want to see the Rodeo Dance pictures...hope you took some! LOVE the momma/daughter pic! SO pretty!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hola teresa! she is cute, isn't she? she is 23! thanks for the comments on the photos, stay warm!
hi jacqui, yes a busy trip and a lot accomplished!
hi girlie! yes, that is a good picture! all of the dance photos were blurry! boohoo!

Ian Huntington said...

I honestly think that both of your are artful photographers. Love the desert landscape shots KD is very brave getting her lips that close to that cholla. The Rodeo shots looked pretty professional too.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Glenn Ian! Thanks for the photo comments. I need to keep working on my nighttime shots. They really aren't very good! KD actually has lots of cactus kisssing experience. Once in New Mexico, she kissed one real good (with her leg) and we spent hours pulling the needles out.....when she kissed this one I asked her if she remembered the time in NM, but she said no.........silly girl.