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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Ladies are Back Home

Buenos tardes!
The ladies and I have just returned from the Las Comadres luncheon. Raffles, door prizes, auctions, a fashion show, lunch on the portal of a beautiful old hotel and mingling with friends old and new, both foreign and mexicano make this a fun event.

Las Comadres is a Mexican charity which provides emergency assistance to families in the Alamos municipality. In addition to the food baskets the charity dispenses at Christmas and Easter, financial assistance is available for medicine and medical treatment. Transportation for receiving medical treatment and maintenance of a year round food bank is also provided. In addition, Las Comadres maintains a wonderful little thrift shop in town, filled with books and clothing and a vast assortment of treasures.

The ladies had a great time, they were well received and all the oohing and ahhing over them has sent them directly to siesta.

Below is the central courtyard of Los Tesoros Hotel and restaurant, where the event is held. I took these photos this morning before the event, when I took the ladies down to become one of the table centerpieces. Everyone was setting up and rushing around keeping busy.

This is the table holding all of the incredible door prizes.

Here is one of the Glasspondstudio pendants, donated to be a door prize.

The ladies, waiting patiently on the table, for people to visit them.

Many of the centerpieces were beautiful floral arrangements.

Several friends and I ended up sitting here, with a few Mexican friends and I was so excited when the gorgeous Mexican young woman next to me won my pendant. She is very voluptuos and curvy and was wearing a lowcut blouse. Against her deep brown skin the pendant shone brilliantly. She quickly became the star of the event. She looked so beautiful and I was kicking myself for not having my camera with me.
Once in awhile, I will get a big surprise as I see not only foreigners wearing my work, but women in the Mexican community as well. I am always thrilled to see that they enjoy the pendants and earrings so much. So, this is will be something I will remember for a long time.
Now I need to follow the ladies in suit, and seek siesta.
adios, linda lou

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~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

The Ladies look so Lovely but my sister looks especially LOVELY holding them :-) The tables all look so pretty & colorful & festive ~ what fun!! xoxo