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Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Waters in Town

Hola. No water on the official day that begins the rainy season, not a single drop. To fool the palms and reassure them that yes there will be rain, I treated them all to a good drenching with the spray nozzle on the hose. They seemed real perky after that and slept well through the night.

We are still getting water in the mornings and Senor cleverly installed a couple of float valves in the eljibe, so we no longer have to turn the water on or off from the city. The valves take care of all of that for us, so no chance that 'one of us' can leave the hose on and accidentally over run the cistern and waste water.

Just to show you how lush the watered, shaded things are, here is the planting area around the mesquite. If you recall, this was thick with beautiful trailing nasturtiums from October to May. Of course, then it got too hot for them to stick around. There is now a lot of asparagus fern, little areca palms, succulents, marigolds and mothers in law tongues among other things. Most of these were in other places in the yard and because of the water shortage I tried to consolidate them into one area. The water shortage remains a mystery to many people. Four casas up the street from us there is no water coming in. The homes on the hillside leading to the mirador are still not receiving water. There are few homes on Loma Guadalupe that are not receiving water. No one has any idea what determines who has it and who doesn't. But most people would probably agree that the situation is much, much better than several months ago.

Which brings me to an observation. In the past few months three new fountains have been erected locally and they all have running water. So there are certainly funds available for fountains and city beautification. It also makes me think that the city may have been, and still is, just drastically conserving water in certain areas out of real neccessity and not because water lines were missing or pumps were stolen. Because if those scenarios had been true then surely the city would have spent funds on new pipes and pumps instead of the fountains. Okay, that makes sense to me, but maybe not in Mexico...............

I am excited about these new fountains. These fountains are absolutely gorgeous and this beautification of Alamos project, whatever it may actually be, is wonderful. Alamos is becoming more and more popular, especially with the Telenovella planning to continue filming its series here indefinitely. School is out. Summer is here, and soon, Alamos will be filled with Mexican summer tourists who all want to see the historical places where the filming has occurred. Town will look gorgeous to them because it is.

Below is the new fountain at the airport............... beautiful.

I talked to one of the workers this morning and he said the water works and will be turned on permanently next week. He also told me that he is doing three other new fountains in town, but I didn't understand where they were going to be. I don't believe he makes these stone fountains, just installs them.

Here is the new fountain at the old 'Black Cat Market'. This is right across the street from the IMSS (medical clinic).

Many years ago, the two arroyos, La Aduana and Escondido met in front of this old place. It was the commercial center of town and the mercado was here. The iron black cat sculpture is above the second story door.

The fountain below and courtyard are several kilometers outside of Alamos, but when coming in by bus or car, you would certainly see it. Built by the Municipio of Alamos, it is in a small town called Minas Nuevas.

When I was here, the workers had just turned off the water to make an adjustment. I went by there the other day and the two fountains are gushing beautiful cool water and the cottonwoods planted nearby are already offering shade to this beautiful new park. It is much greener and prettier now than in the photo.

Again, I don't know where the other fountains will be, but I would love to see the fountain in the Alameda working again. Fountains in the Plaza would be wonderful.

Okay time for me to get busy. We watched the U17 Boys World Cup soccer match on the computer yesterday, and Mexico beat Netherlands. The Cup is being played in Mexico, and this game was at the huge stadium in Monterrey. Today the U17 US team plays and we hope to pull that up on the computer as well around two or three pm. So lots to get done before to feed the cat.

Que tengas buen dia!


Ian Huntington said...

You did a great job on the bench! It looks incredible - love the tassels! The portal is looking beautiful! I have gone through those same ruins before and wondered the same questions. You're right! That one must have been a charming little house - grand porportions on a small house. So glad that water is no longer an issue for you and loved seeing the fountain pictures. I didn't know about the telanovela filmed in Alamos. What is it called? Did you receive something out of season in the mail lately? So enjoy your blog. Hope the monsoons pour soon.

Panchita del Volantín said...

Linda, "La fuerza del destino" is a 205 episode telenovela. It is not one of these "All my children" kind telenovelas that never end... I found that info on their FB page... I hear rumors of 2 movies potentially being filmed in town, but I am not sure anything has been firmed up yet... Loved this post... Keep writing, amiga!

Ter'e said...

I love seeing all the photos of the surrounding area. So very beautiful. Makes me want to visit Mexico again.

I laugh over your made up stories. That is exactly what I would do!!!!! I love the little casas...............ohhhhhhh how I would enjoy being your neighbor. But!!! I could not exist without some coolness and regular water. I best stay in Florida.

Hooking wool rugs, in a home with no central air, is not my idea of a party, I can tell you.

Love the blog and your way with words. Shoot - love the jewelry even more. LOL! :-)

robyn said...

Hi Linda, we have had skimpy water all of May and water last week..water for 8 hours Monday 2 hours Tuesday and none since. I can empathize with you and am glad you have water now. Hopefully we will get plenty of rain and won't be heading for a drought, we may have to wash our clothes in those fountains.pernip

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi Ian, thanks for the comments on the bench. I also like it though I am not sure where it will go yet. As you can hear from Robyn's comment, water is still an issue for so many people (she lives here in Alamos. So I we are being so careful with what we get, which is a few hours daily at a good pressure. Panchita is right, I misspoke, it is not a series. If you type in the title she wrote, you'll find the web or FB!

Thanks, Mija for clarifying the telenovela.

Ter'e! I am guessing you are talking about the sisters living across from one another in the little houses! I intend to find out more sometime about those houses!

Robyn, I wondered how you were fairing water wise. I hope it gets better up there and who knows, ours could go off again. The city did deliver to us once, gratis, but it all depends, I understand, how easy it is for them to get their truck and hose in. Yes, hope for rain!