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Monday, June 6, 2011

Taking Matters into our Own Hands

Buenos tardes! Wow, did it get hot here fast. Around one we lock everything up and hide out in the bedroom with the mini split that really is not a mini split, but thank goodness it is the air conditioning unit and not just a heater. It is hard to even come back out around five pm because the bedroom is so wonderfully cool.

By five the heat has subsided a little and when we came out yesterday, this is what we saw. Beautiful, dark, billowing clouds. By nightfall, the wind had blown them off to the north over into the Copper Canyon. But it was a brief glimpse of what is coming.Last Tuesday, I went to the Palacio to pay the fifty peso water bill. Roughly three something in US dollars. Hey, city, i said.............hey, i have not had a single drop of water at my house for three whole weeks now.............where do you live? she asked................well, she had the water bill and address in her hand, but i told her anyway...............we will bring you water on, gratis agua? i, gratis, Lunas.

I got up at five am this morning, I wanted to be ready in case they came that early. Well, it is now almost noon and I have yet to see the water truck. I knew she was lying to me. I knew it, but I really did want to believe her. I am pretty sure we are not going to get any water from the city.

I have noticed that there are a few trucks now and then at the water station on Calle Chihuahua. Ordinary people like Senor and me seem to be in waiting lines to get water. I asked city water lady about this and she told me that as long as we can transport it, we can go there and get water.

Senor and I missed the truck so bad, but decided we could transport water in the car, with a very small tinnaca, so he bought one. If the city does not bring the water by six pm, we will be taking matters into our own hands and driving to the little station. Here is the station. Inside that little black box is a small switch. A Mexicano friend told me you just flip the switch and get all the water you want. My guess is we will be testing out that switch later today. If we have to keep buying tinnacas full of water from our friend, Ramon, who has a never ending water supply from three wells, we will go broke before too long.The 'Rain Contest' is in full swing, on both the Glasspondstudio Facebook page and my personal page. It just better rain soon or I will go absolutely mad.

I am keeping busy, lots of beautiful new glass is listed in my Etsy shop. and even more fun, is all this ridiculous talavera painting I am doing. Here is the bread box. I am liking it a lot, but have no place to put it. Guess I will put it away in a box with the talavera papier mache' cake cover I made.

Senor just finally came in from working out all morning in the hot sun. Time for cold air and a good book.

If you haven't guessed a day and time for the rain to start, go ahead and do it. I will keep the contest open for a few more days.

I will try and get photos later of our water gathering and let you know how it went.



mermaid gallery said...

love that bold, pink flower!...water is the number one problem where ever you totally necessary and sometimes hard to come by....hope the city comes through for you. I wonder if they just don't have any...

Ter'e said...

OK, I have to ask a "natural and normal" question. Does this mean you just get to take spit baths??? (that's what my mom called them).
How to do "flush".........? With a bucket of water?

Wish you were closer to Florida and I would invite you guys over. I have a big soaking tub and lots of aqua!!!!

BTW, methinks Senor needs a cerveza after all that hard work outside. What he really needs is a Mitchilada!!!!!!! (one of our favorites).

Hang in there!!!!!

Panchita Mija said...

I left for Tucson Friday and when I came back to Alamos Sunday, the HEAT had come... El Volantin is so quiet in the afternoon it is eerie! No kids outside, even the countless roaming dogs hen and roosters are nowhere to be seen...!
I am looking forward to the first rain and i will never again take water for granted...!
Keep going to the water office... There is some water. Not a lot, but some... Do you know who else is connected to that water main? Have they been getting any water at all? Time to investigate...

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hey Miss Mermaid Susan! The city never showed! There is water. We think the missing pump or water line is the key.

Hola Ter'e, We can fill the tinnaca a little and get a shower and fill the toilet. More on that in my next post.Yea, well, your soaking tub sounds fabulous!

Mija, glad you are back home. It is quiet everywhere by the afternoon. Not sure what to think. There is water.......boy, I will never ever take it for granted again either.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

I love the breadbox!! It is SO pretty & colorful & you did a great job! And now I am going to check your post for today & I hope that it says you have agua. Hope you see rain soon....we already need it here again as it is getting very hot & dry!