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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Now, Does That Make Sense?

Hola, this is what the locals are talking about. This is the little cloud that sits on top of Mt. Alamos before it should rain. This was on Thursday. I thought it would rain for sure. It smelled like rain.

The wind picked up and blew it away.

We did, however, get water all day Thursday from the city pipes. Then we got it all day Friday. I got out of control and watered everything twice. We had to turn off the water because the cistern overflowed twice. Then, absolutely no water on Saturday. Again, water all day today. It makes no sense, but I am just so grateful to have water on some days and I hope it keeps up this way.

Tomorrow we return to Guaymas for our FM3s and we hope they are ready. It will have been a two week waiting period. The status can be checked online, but it doesn't make too much sense. It says, translated, our documents have been presented in the office and if changes are needed they can be done online. So, does that mean they are ready or not ready?

There is a telephone number you can call, but it just rings and rings and rings. That doesn't make any sense either. The day we were there we saw at least seven people working. A few of them were not really even working and I could hear the phone ringing. So, in the past we have returned in two weeks and decided to wait two weeks this time as well.

We were asked to supply a new and interesting document. A formal bank cover letter, called a Resumen de Cuenta. Fortunately she supplied it and did it at her own computer, but said we would need to do it next year. It is a paper with formatted boxes and columns and has our bank name on it, our names, address of the bank (this is our bank in the states), email and how much money was in our account during the months of January through April. I have no clue how to do that format. It makes no sense.

Of course, now that Calderon has signed a new immigration law, we probably will not need it next year. Now that is the good news and that is what is starting to make sense. Every year there will be a change and there is just no need to worry about whether what we did this year made sense or not. Now, does that make sense?

So, we are good, good to go up to Guaymas, at daybreak manana, have a K freeze on the way, enjoy the scenery and have a good time.


Anonymous said...

not sure what makes sense but those are not rain clouds. those are just puffy cumulus clouds-they remind me of cotton candy. i love looking at clouds and sometimes still try to to find shapes in them, like when i was a kid.

good luck on your fm3s. how far is guaymas from where you live?

not sure if you've read any of my comments on other blogs but my husband and i are moving to nagoya, japan next month. did it take you a while to acclimate to the humidity down there? it's very hot and muggy where we're going and after living in the great nw. for almost 21 years, i know it will take time to guet used to the mugginess. we're very excited about going though. we've lived in japan twice before and loved it.

guess my trip back to mexico is going to have to wait some years.

take care and good luck with the water problems.

teresa in lake stevens

Steve Cotton said...

Good luck on the FM3s. Mine was going to take 4 weeks to process, but they sped it up because I was heading to Italy. It worked fine.

And, of course, none of it makes very much sense. But the process seems to get less complex each year. And I really like the new cards.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi Teresa,
Yes, I had figured out you were going to Japan. We are still getting used to the humidity, but each year is easier. Good luck to you, since you have lived there before, I am sure the weather won't probably be so bad for you.
Yea, those are wimpy clouds, but that is how they start out, then they grow into huge dark, billowing things that are unbelievably black, roaring and full of rain.
guaymas is about 4 hours away, so we will go up and back in one day this time. LL

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hey Steve, I guess they will be doing away with the cards sometime in the next year or perhaps it will be a new and different card! I also like them, even thought they don't fit well in a wallet. we are just hoping our will be ready! LL

mermaid gallery said...

All it does here is rain!...very wet, late spring and we are all waterlogged...wonder where you have to live to get it just right? least you have water most of the time so you can be prepared for the down times....have to keep all those great tropical plants watered!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

That's such great news that you are finally getting water even if it's just some days. I'm sure your plants are very happy! I hope you have a safe & very fun trip tomorrow!