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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Sweet Rain

Buenas Tardes. We really got the rain yesterday. Friday was nice but the rain began again yesterday and the rain gauge was at 3 1/2 this morning. The mountains were fogged over and the breeze was still good this morning and we had a steady mist.

Last night's rain told us that we are not prepared for monsoon season. During yesterday's morning rain, I forgot to get out the towels that we always put on the insides of the doorways of the fake kitchen and the bedroom to keep the rain from flooding those two rooms. I forgot to have an umbrella under the portal and Cookies and I were stuck out there for over an hour while everything around us flooded. I forgot to wear my flip flops and my good leather sandals became covered in mud when I stepped out from under the portal and sank into the mud. The wind blew apart our white plastic table and I had to run out in the rain to get the legs.

I forgot and left out two magazines. The roof leaked in the laundry room and water logged a lot of boxes. And the power went out. Right at dusk.

We had to search in the dark for our flashlights which were not where they were supposed to be. Had to find new batteries for the two lamps we have. Had to rush out into the rain and dark and over into the West Wing for candles and matches. While I tried to decide how to finish dinner up without electricity, Senor rushed up the street to an elderly neighbor's house to make sure she was okay in the dark storm. He rushed back only to say she had her candles and flashlights blazing and was sitting nice and cozy, drinking a glass of whiskey. What is our problem, I kept thinking..............

But this morning things were fresh and lovely and the plumeria filled the air with vanilla and cinnamon. We walked up to the Chalaton Arroyo to see how much water might be flowing there.

This is how much there was................nada droplet. So as the day progresses and I see clouds billowing on the horizon and the wind picks up, I am asking myself, did I do today what I said yesterday I would do today.......................did I get more candles, did I situate the furniture so we will not trip over it as we scamble from place to place in the dark...............did I dry out last night's towels to go inside the doors tonight................did I get all the flashlights back in their right places...................did I put an umbrella out under the portal, move the white table, get all the magazines inside, get some buckets out for the laundry room...........

I will be honest. No, I did not do a thing. But, we watched a lot of soccer online today! We love this business of watching the Womens' World Cup, the U17 Boys World Cup, the Copa America, the Sunday MLS games. It's good that games are short.

There are 3 hours till sundown. I think I can get us prepared for another good sweet rain while Senor puts a nice big turkey thigh on the grill.

While Cookies and I were stranded under the portal I watched all the wildlife come out, the birds, the lizards, the frogs. Oh, they were everywhere, having a good old time in all the rain. So, below is a little video for you to see.

Now I am off to prepare in case anything happens tonight. Enjoy the video! linda lou


Nancy said...

When you don't have much rain you really enjoy it, don't you? I felt like that frog last night enjoying the wet after such a long time!

Ter'e said...

First I started laughing. You sound like the three stooges......uh..............two stooges. Then my practical side kicked in and I thought "probrecita!". I hate to ruin good shoes. I hate, worse, to wrinkle and wet my beloved magazines!!!!
Get back into your BOY SCOUT and GIRL SCOUT roots and get ye prepared! :-)
Life is certainly NEVER dull for you two.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Nancy, hope you are getting some of this as well!
Ter'e, yes, wet mags are the worst!!!!!!!!! jajajaja, laugh all you want! LL