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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Three More Inches make Nine Total

Hola, Buen dia to a lovely sunny and bright morning here in Alamos. Everything smells fresh and clean except the fake kitchen where Senor fixed himself a sauerkraut hot dog 2 days ago.

The mountains are already greening up a little and both the Chalaton and Escondido arroyos are running.

I went at daybreak this morning because I knew at least one arroyo was running and I wanted to get photos. I found two running arroyos, both the Chalaton and Escondido, but the largest, the de la Aduana which runs on the norther side of the shops across from the Alameda, was dry.

Yesterday's storm began in the afternoon and by 6, our power was out and the bedroom was flooded. Rain continued to pour in under the door. We were due at 6:30pm at an Americano 4th of July celebration and we decided we did not want to miss it. So we threw down as many towels as we could, made sure we had the lantern accessible for our return in the dark, locked the cat in and ran for the car. The rain was blowing sideways, we could see the arroyo running, and we knew many of the party guests would not be able to cross. About a dozen of us celebrated, and we feasted on a typical July 4th meal of hot dogs, potato salad, cole slaw, and ambrosia salad, along with slow cooked pulled pork and guacamole and chips. We stayed nice and dry under the hostess's enormous portal as we watched the rain pour.

Back home, as I held an umbrella with one hand, over Senor's head, and a flashlight with the other, he fumbled with inserting wet keys into wet locks and click! the power came on.

Inside the bedroom we discovered the towels had done a fairly decent job and while they were sopping wet, the furniture was pretty dry.

Yesterday, Umberto and Senor spent the entire morning impermeabling, waterproofing, the roof again. Upon a thorough investigation, it looked like it did dry in time and there were no leaks in the laundry room and only a couple in the entire West Wing. So we will just continue with the permeabling. Yesterday's storm gave us another 3 inches. That is a total of 9 inches since Friday night. That is really amazing. I am glad to see that there is not much damage around town, other than lots and lots of dirt, much of which is in front of the Palacio, after having washed down from the Volantin Barrio. Fortunately, all the homes up there are good and solid and dirt is all we expect to ever see.

Umberto dropped a note by for us this morning saying he could not work today because all of his roofs are leaking and he did not get any sleep because his wife kept him up all night. Then we could not understand the rest, either he is going to repair his goteos, leaks, or he is going to sleep all day.

Senor is out working on extending the copper tubing from the propane tank to the area of the casa where it will eventually go over the roof and to the oven. That means he is using a blow torch.............

I am on my way to pay the water bill which is around $7 USD since we got very little water last month. Then I will go to the IMSS clinic. I have learned that here in Mexico, you do not get your blood pressure medication for any extended period of time. You get it for a month and then you have to see the doctor in order to get more. So I have an appointment at 9.

After that I will return home and begin a cleaning and drying out process. All the towels are laying out in the sun, getting nice and dry and warm. I will not be washing them, there is no point, they will just all go back down on the floor when the next rain comes. Senor says that will not be today. But when I was out on new old bike this morning, every Mexicano I talked with said the rain would come again this afternoon, I asked them.......what time? Justino said 4pm, Maria said 5. Antonio said 4pm and Chuyita said 5. Trini, or Candy Joe, as he is known, said 5 and Chayo, who speakes English, said 6:15. I wanted to ask all of them to be more specific and give me seconds in addition to the minutes, but Chayo laughed and said......what! are you having a contest or something!

I will leave you with a couple of videos. Que tengas buen dia! linda lou


Ian Huntington said...

So glad to see and hear las aguas finally. It has to be such a relief especially for your garden. Hope you enjoy the pleasant, "cool" evenings that they bring.

Trish said...

I didn't know "our" neighborhood was subject to flooding! I was told during the "biggie" a few years ago that "ours' was one of the "safe" ones.

I'm sorry you got water inside like that.

I hope my house is holding up ok. We DID have our roof re-coated last season so fingers crossed here. I suppose if the canales get blocked then any roof, well coated or not, would spring a link.

Hey, I wanted to say I hope you never remove the photos on the right side of your blog...the ones with you holding the "pink thingy" & el senior with the rose in his teeth. LOVE them both & they make me smile.

I haven't yet added the back to my earrings ....SUCH a bad girl...I want to show them off! I just love looking at them even if I'm not yet able to wear them.

Bye now..stay dry.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi Glenn Ian, yes, agua! The grass is already growing and evenings are wonderful!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hola Trish, our neighborhood isn't subject to flooding! That was all from water leaking from the roof and then from under the doors. Under the doors is the biggest problem, but one that everybody seems to have. Water does pour down the street but there is no way water from the arroyo could get to us. So don't worry! Your casa looks fine to me!