Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Pondering I Will Go

Hola, Buen dia.
Look at this. This is crazy. It happened while I was napping. And look at this. This is at the back of the yard, near new old Jesus' place which has been taken over by his nephew, Ivan. This is where Senor has his little orchard and you cannot even see any of the fruit trees back there. Umberto had piled big hills of sand, dirt and adobe chunks back there. Even a mower will not help.

So, we went to Obregon to buy a weed eater. Senor says I broke the other one. Well, I think he broke it. He bought one that does not have to be tapped on the ground to extend the line, which is how the first one broke.
He took it out of the box, showed me all the details, showed me the brand name, showed me which extention cord will work best to get myself out to the fence line, told me how to tie off the cord so I will not lose power, told me not to accidentally cut down any of his little trees. I called him a name. But it's okay, I have noticed his hearing is a little off lately.

I went and tried it out. It took a long time to get it all set up. I got hot, so I quit. I put on a ball cap, put a wet towel around my neck and tried again. Still hot. I walked around to Allende to my favorite little store and bought a frozen Snickers bar. They are very big on two American candy bar names here. Snickers and Milky Way are what you get. I walked home.

I tried again and by now, it was cloudy and around five. I thought it would be a little cooler. Not. I read a Phoenix Home and Garden that I picked up at the thrift store. I tried again. It started to rain. I stopped and took a little siesta. During a lull in the rain I went and took a look. The grass was even thicker and higher. I put the weed eater in the laundry room.

Just looking for something more exciting to do I interneted myself. I put in my first and maiden names. I did this about ten years ago and got, my name, just me. I have a very unusual maiden name.

I would never put in Senor's last name. I know there are hundreds of me. In King County, where we used to live, I finally returned my library card to the library because I was so tired of getting late book fines that belonged to all those other Linda's.

But my maiden name, now we're talking, it has always belonged to a special select few of us. Not.

Now there are five of me. Really no information on any of me, I am from Ohio, I am from Florida. I am in Louisiana and Montana. I can get more information on me if I pay a monthly fee to the people finder company.

So I interneted my maiden name alone. Jeez, the country is over run with us. But again, everyone wants money to tell me about us. I could easily spend a fortune to find out about me and my kinfolk.

Today Senor is playing bridge. I get to do anything I want to do. But sometimes, I just make trouble for myself, especially now that it is like an oven outside and I am cooped up in the bedroom with the mini split on high, looking for ways to entertain myself.

So, I entertained myself by facebooking me. At least that's free. There are four of me. In the profile photo of one of me, I have a black eye. In another I look like I am ready to give a black eye to somebody. In the third of me I am a different color. And then, there was the real me. Well, I think it's the real me.

Then I facebooked my maiden name. I saw my siblings and relatives and a lot of potential aunts, uncles and cousins I never even knew about. From all over the world. I never knew we were so many and it really surprised me. I can hardly believe it. This, a last name that came as if from a fairy tale, but truly attached to a castle in far away Scotland, maybe to royalty, my Big Mama used to say. I want to ask all these people if they really belong to my name and how did they get it.

My parents and I went to new York City once to a Yankees baseball game. I looked in the New York City phone book. Two of us. Two of us living in New York. Now there are more than forty of us. Where is our original special select group? I could have called up both those New York City guys then and said, hey, my great grandfather's name was so and so, you ever hear of him, and they most likely would have said yea. I want to set up my people finder account. Everyone is scrambling to get my maiden name for some reason.

You know what? I should let it go. It's just a name. I have ownership in it, but it's just a name. But, I could just friend them all. Slowly, of course, slowly. Otherwise who knows what they might think, who is this nut. But maybe I will find out things I don't want to know. I mean, who is this me who looks ready for a fight? How did I get that black eye?

Okay, this is good, I need something to ponder so I will not be bugging Senor about all this construction mess and believe me, it is a whopping mess after last night's big storm. And don't even get me started about these little black stink bugs that crawled under our door last night to get out of the rain and ended up in bed with us.

Before I start to ponder, I am going to get outside and I am going to walk around to Allende and get a frozen Snickers bar, come back home, put on my hat and wet towel and plug in my new weed eater and go and weed eat that grass back by new old Jesus' nephew Ivan's little casa. Then I might pick a lemon off one of Senor's trees.

Que le vaya bien and I hope it's good! linda lou


Ter'e said... need a little hobby that you can do silently, in the cool breeze of your bedroom.......

Is it getting close to the time you will take pictures of the construction????? I like to see what Senor has been up to, too.

I would love to see your kitchen. Do you have a real kitchen?????

I better stay in FL and not ponder MX. I hate bugs!!!! It's all I can do to cope with the little monsters here......

norm said...

My sir name is so unusual that when you Google it, it comes up with a legal case, as in, in Kwallek they ruled...

mermaid gallery said...

you are so funny...i totally understand that kind of day....i spend lots of time alone and the computer can take you anywhere....your day sounded like mexico alright...manyana time...good times...i do that name calling thing under the breath for it though.... because my husband has super human hearing.....picking a lemon sounds pretty cool! best, susan

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

Oh Linda Lou...the frozen candy bars sound good. Have another one!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

ter'e, girl, you know I have too many hobbies and they are all in the West Wing, but maybe I will haul one of them into the bedroom today and stay outta trouble!

Funny, Norm, I guess I am lucky......

susan, they were not quite ready for picking!

And Cynthia! they were out of Snickers. I had to have a milky way.............

Taos Sunflower said...

Do you belong to That's a real blast! You can look up all kinds of good stuff...I have used it to find out what happened to people from my's easy to get lost in it for hours!