Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Going Green

Buenas is ninety-eight here, but only thirty percent humidity and a fine strong wind, at our place, nice enough if you are smart and stay out of the shade.

Early this morning I took several photos of our gorgeous blue vine that grows against the shaded west side of the stable. Mexican gardeners call it Baracasana, but its leaves are textured like medium grit sandpaper and that is why, among foreigners, it is called the sandpaper vine.

When the flowerlets first emerge they are green and then they turn vivid blue and depending upon how much sunlight they get, they can turn dark purple. Today I decided to return the accessory and baked two kind of cookies to give the Bomberos as a thank you.

First I baked Lime Cookies, our favorite, and it is basically a sugar cookie with several teaspoons of grated lime in it.

I wanted to bake peanut butter cookies, but good grief, we are out of peanut butter. I found a jar of nutella, which is a blend of hazlenut and chocolate and used that instead of peanut butter.
New favorite cookie.................

Yum, all baked in the nine by twelve toaster baking sheet in the oven eight times.

Wrapped and ready to go to the bomberos.

I also needed to pay the water bill and pay the electric bill and get new dirt for the new palms and take my friend Techa some sweets and deliver a bracelet and earrings custom order and get some fruit from the market. I also wanted to see if the farmacia has the clear arnica gel I have been using on my ankle. Because I am still hobbling around and the ankle is a little painful, I asked Senor to drive me to do all this. He has this clever skill of raising just one eyebrow and slowly closing the lid of the other eye. Of course, I know what that means, but he drove me anyway.

The bomberos really lit up when they saw the cookies but they were not so sure I should be returning the crutches.
The nursery was closed, we did not have enough cash for the electric bill and there was a line at the bank. At the Palacio where we pay the water, policia would not let us park, so I got out of the truck and Senor then had to park several blocks away. I could see him far ahead and walked carefully back to the truck. Policia apologized as I left the building and helped me down the steps.

Techa was not home so I put the sweets on her portal and I did not see the man who ordered the jewelry. I chose to not even bring up the market.

Senor was in a hurry to get home to this.

The rebar is in the wall and soon he will be constructing the wood form that will make a huge column to match the other one in the photo. This column will help hold the beam that will span the width of the four open rooms that will become one.
The wall the ladder is propped up against, other wise known as the kitchen tool room, will come down and that room will be open to the others........................ is that making sense? it makes my head swirl.
So, I only completed a few of my chores.
As we drove through the alameda, I noticed the farmacia I wanted to go into was closed, maybe for siesta. I have been using a clear arnica gel that I bought, for under five US dollars, there last year. Back in the states we used arnica alot for soccer injuries, but it was terribly expensive, several ounces for over fifteen US dollars. A natural plant product, made in Mexico, it is great for relieving trauma. Good for ankle sprains and swelling. But I have run out of the clear sweet smelling gel.
However I have another arnica, one that I bought in Guadalajara several years ago. This stuff never goes bad, it lasts for years and years. The only thing is this is a pomade, thick and gooey like hair pomade that little boys in dance class used to use. And once you put it on, it goes with you everywhere and if you rub up against something, it sticks. Rub up against the cat, cat hair pomade.............. dirt? dirt pomade.....................bobo gnats? bobo pomade......................grass and little leaves in the wind? grass and leaf pomade................cross your legs? double whammy.......

and even worse? it is green..........................

adios for now! linda lou


Susan Erickson said...

Those look like awfully good cookies!. The big open room will be worth all the hassle and I'm going to get me some arnica gel! thanks for the nice comments....Mexico has my heart....

1st Mate said...

So now you have to hobble around on a green ankle? Oh, the indignity!

The big open room will be so nice, and probably cooler with better air circulation.

We are making peanut butter cookies as I write this. But now you've got me curious about the nutella. Did you cut back on the sugar in the recipe?

Leah Flinn said...

Those cookies made my mouth water! Yum! I also don't know where I would find peanut butter here - never seen it.

Be thankful for your weather it's unbearable here in Veracruz. Just blogged about it actually.

Jacqui said...

what a busy day you had. Isn't it frustrating when a day doing chores in the village, which can be quite nice, has to be rushed because someone is in a rush to get back to the building site, we call home - sometimes I wish we could just take time to enjoy the sunshine and surroundings.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Susan, those ARE good cookies, if anyone wants to see some incredibly vibrant paintings, go to Susan's blog!
Bliss, I didn't cut back on the sugar, and while they were baking I thought, OMG I SHOULD have cut back on it because nutella is SO sweet, but they turned out great. took a little more flour because the nutella has a little more oil (it is the consistency of adams peanut butter)

leah, is that right? there is no peanut butter in Veracruz? Wow, I would have thought you would be able to find that everywhere in Mexico. We have huge peanut fields here, but locals just eat them roasted and raw. peanut butter is skippy or Jif.

Jacqui, I know what you mean! but Senor is just not used to going and doing those types of chores with me. I am usually on foot or bike. This morning though, he is taking me to the feed store for bird seed!!!!

Anja021netteC_021Restrepo1 said...

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韋于倫成 said...

一沙一世界,一花一天堂,掌中握無限,剎那即永恆 ..................................................

Herryponting said...
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