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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Cinco de Mayo

Buenas Tardes! Another pretty one last night. I went to Navajoa this morning around 8am. As I drove down our street I could hear the band gearing up, the drums and horns practicing for the 9am parade that would most likely begin late. I saw a few school kids in their parade school uniforms getting off a TBC bus and alot of horses and riders heading to town. I had not planned this little get together in Navajoa and really did not want to miss the celebration.

I went to Navajoa to meet with Juan, our accountant and to file our taxes with SAT. Their offices were closed because it is a holiday, but Juan was able to return to his office and file online.

I knew I would miss the Alamos parade and horse dancing, which is my favorite. But I had high hopes there would be a larger event in Navajoa.

Alot of people do not like Navajoa, it is very dusty and driving down from the mountains, it appears to even have a cloud of dust hanging over it. I don't mind it, it is the closest thing I can come to for decent shopping and now that I am more familiar with town, I enjoy going there.

Navajoa, however does have one drawback, its absurd traffic rules. These are simply rules of the road and driver. Cars are parked, sometimes 2 abreast along the curbs and cars from incoming streets often pull right out into the intersections in order to block traffic so they can cross.

This has caused a few stressfull close calls for me and from what I hear, quite a few other folks as well. So this morning I developed my new driving plan for Navajoa. I now drive on the center line of the 2 lanes going my direction. It was very simple today this way.

No one tried to pass me, no one honked, no one seemed to care. I felt like the leader of the pack. I could easily see vendors if they should try and push their carts across the road. I could see all the pedestrians as they ran across the street in between cars. I could quickly see the window washers and they stayed away from me.

I was stopped at a light, in the middle of both lanes and an older woman tried to cross as the light was changing. She fell in the middle of the road, in front of my 2 lanes. The world stood still.

Every car door opened and before I could even get out of the truck at least 20 wonderful people had surrounded her and were helping her up and across safely to the other side. The light changed again at least 3 times before we all began moving. I was still straddling both lanes and I liked it.

I liked it so much that I rode all the way north through town that way and then, back south.

Hoping to find the parade, I drove around the plaza, for the 3rd time, on the line between the 2 lanes, but there was no band, no gathering, no horse dancing.

I finally parked, legally, at the plaza and a sat on an iron bench for awhile. A nice policia came up to me and asked how I was. I told him fine, but where were the Cinco de Mayo festivities?

He said.......en Alamos.

I got in my car and drove home. It is indeed very festive here.
Que tengas buen noche!


Susan Erickson said...

Great driving style. I'm reminded of my mother who will drive everywhere in the left hand lane in case she needs to turn left sometimes. She is not at all concerned that it is the fast lane. What you describe is so Mexican...relaxed and kicked back. Too bad you missed the horse dancing though......

俊翔俊翔 said...


Jacqui said...

Well done you. Find a style that suits, and stick to it.

Your post about the parade made me smile, I hope you got to enjoy some of it.

Chrissy y Keith said...

We love Navajoa. It is our first overnight stop between Scottsdale and Guayabitos. And because it is a cowboy town, they are up at the crack of dawn so we can get some breakfast before we make the last leg of the journey. On our way back North, we linger in Alamos for a few days before dragging ourselves back to the USA.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Susan, I know that stay in the left lane business, I see it around here alot!
Thanks to my Asian friend for your exclamation marks and Jacqui, I missed the whole sheebang!
Chrissy, where in the world are you guys? If you are lingering in Alamos, you should be letting us know. What has happened to your blog??

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that you are feeling love for Navojoa ;) I get so upset when people make negative comments about my adopted town. Yes, it is dusty and yes, it does have a lot of other issues but I live here now so it is home and it hurts to hear negativity about it. As for driving, it took me about a year but now I too feel more comfortable moving around here, I drive down the middle of the road also but then so do a lot of other people.
I really enjoy reading about your adventures.

Chrissy y Keith said...

Linda Lou, I need to Blog again.. we have been busy and I have been in Mexico for most of April, but I am back in AZ and we are planning a drive in the fall and will stop bye for a visit then. I will keep in touch and promis to post soon.

PabloDuda0若愛 said...

行萬里路勝讀萬卷書 ^^ 羨慕你哦! ....................................................

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

nikki, you have to meet me sometime at caffineto (i always spell that wrong). write me and we will meet!
pablo, i have 2 nephews who teach english in south korea. i am asking them to help translate if they can!

Anonymous said...

I would love to get together sometime at (cafennio) or anywhere else ;) I am not sure if I spelled it right either ;)
You just let me know when you are planning on coming to Navojoa next.
hope to see you soon.