Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cut to the Quick

Buenas tardes! I am going through some boxes that I plan to move into one of the soon to be locked and secured rooms. OMG! Look what I found. It is only a year out dated. It smells just a little stale. But who cares!!!!! And it happens to be my favorite and even though I have pretty much stopped drinking regular coffee because of high blood pressure.............WHO CARES!

So, I had a cup.Here is one of the lovely doors. It cost about sixty dollars. I would ask Senor what kind of wood it is but he is snoozing on the bed behind me. He has worked very hard all morning, ever since we discovered the doors do not really fit in either of the places we want them. He just woke up..................pine, he says.One will go in here........the closet of the master bedroom.One will go here....................the laundry room and where I cut and fire glass.Senor cut seven inches off each door, still a steal, don't you think................ sixty bucks?
He also had to drill holes for the locks. Yesterday we ordered the stain and he picked it up this morning. Sometime after my siesta, I will stain the door jams.

You must be wondering. why are we doing this? Why all of a sudden?

Let me cut to the quick...........we were robbed.

Among the missing:
two of Senor's favorite drills, the new tent I bought at the WalMart in Obregon which cost much more than one pine door, two bottles of white wine, five cartons of Breton's crackers, and one large potted palm.

I think there is more, but I just have not discovered it yet.

We are not always as smart as we think we are. Often, when we go to the Tiangus on Sunday, we only lock the screen doors. At night we have been sleeping in an air conditioned bedroom while fifteen feet away, the screen door to the kitchen tool room is locked, but the heavy metal door is not. Sometime, who really or night, someone punched a hole through the screen, unlocked the door and walked in and then, walked out with our stuff.

We always lock the doors now. We have learned a valuable lesson. Only now, several days after the event can we talk sanely about it. So, now you know.

Speaking of events, not that the one above really qualifies as one, I went to a remarkable event up on Loma Guadalupe at the Casa de la Cultura. I have told you about the building and you have seen pictures. The building was built around 1886 and was once the carcel, or jail. Now it is the culture center. It still has its crumbling adobe walls in places and some roofs are missing, but it can be a destination for exciting attractions.

The director of our museum, with the help of some local school children, recently created a sculpture out of toy guns that were donated to this project by children throughout Sonora. The project, called La Paloma, the dove, coincided with a week long celebration of Mexico's famous actress, Maria Felix, and the publications of several books written by local Mexican authors. The celebration took place at the culture center below.

Senor, on the bench below, and behind him to the left of the trees, you can just barely see the church.................this is an older photo and now, the benches and walkways have been reconstructed and are very charming.views from the center are magnificent................ Inside the center is La Paloma.................

Around two hundred people attended the unveiling of La Paloma........................
Many dignitaries from the state of Sonora were there and school children who worked on the project received certificates.........................Procedure and recognition are extremely important in Mexico. Each dignitary presented his or her own speech. Each child was also given the opportunity to make a speech. It was very evident who in the crowd was a proud wife, husband, father or mother, aunt or uncle, grandmother or grandfather, sister or brother. Clearly, most of the speeches focused on the importance of the continued teaching to children of Sonora that everyone should live in peace, without guns or violence.
Afterward, Las Estudiantinas performed for us and an endless feast was served...............

Among the other events that week, were nightly films in which Maria Felix starred, musical shops, film making classes, dances and my favorite, a paper flower making class.
Below, we are getting ready to make the flowers.

I made three...................... two of them fell apart and I had to have help putting them back together........................... below, I am confident I can make more...................some other day.

Senor likes the three I brought home.

Okay, siesta time! A large dark cloud is hovering over Mt. Alamos.
While I siesta, you can listen to a song by Las Estudiantinas de Alamos.............adios! linda lou


Tancho said...

Sorry to hear that you got ripped off. It was an valuable lesson that we learned also. We were always amused at the level of iron gates, window bars, and other accoutrements our Mexican friends had in their homes. We thought we had enough security too. Someone once told me that they feel that if it is available and out in the open it is fair game. Interesting logic.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Tancho, we hear the same thing .... out there, fair game. Because we are remodeling, reconstructing and rebuilding, it seems like our stuff is always ALL out there, but soon, NO MORE! At the same time, it does cause me to think I can live with as little as possible....but I must also add that we seldom hear of break ins or robberies in our town and when we do, we hear about several and then it seems to stop. There have been 2 so far, ours included.

Susan Erickson said...

so much happening! the robbery is a lesson learned...crimes of opportunity ...they were there that one time,.... wonderful project with the toy guns...., The paper flowers are beautiful! ..and you and senor look like fun people. Bravo once again for your Mexican adventure. We'll be there one day!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

That is so awful! I'm just glad you are ok & I'm glad you have new pretty doors to be lots safer now. I love the paper flowers & that LOVELY picture of YOU! Please be careful & stay safe! xoxo Kax

Nancy said...

It is a tough lesson to learn, but I'm glad that you have been able to move on and be your usual upbeat self.

The more you tell about Alamos and your life there I know we have to see it someday soon.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. We realize that this happened because we did have it out there and made it somewhat susan says, a crime of opportunity. we just hope it won't happen again. hopefully one door will go up today!