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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Lovely Love Affair

Buenas tardes. I am thrilled. It is a bridge day. That means Senor is gone. That means I get to do whatever I want.

So I have been cleaning out the room that will be the closet and little black jumping things kept biting me. It is some kind of little jumping fly or maybe it is a flea.........great. I used a domestic spray on the whole room and after awhile they seemed to go away.

Senor has this nasty habit. It drives me absolutely insane. Now this is what I mean about getting to do what I want when Senor is at bridge. I get to tell his secrets.

He eats these 'cup of soups' for his lunch.
Now, first of all, they are not good for his health, they are loaded with sodium, but I cannot really talk about that. I am the one with high blood pressure who drank two cups of casi cielo yesterday and then, two cups today, which is possibly why I have the energy to tackle this closet in one hundred degree temperatures. But this is not about health.

He saves the cups.

In the closet I found over fifty cups, all stacked together in the corner. A few were loose and had nails or screws or assorted pieces of metal in them. And some of them had these little black jumping fly flea bugs in them.

I tossed them all. He will never know. I put his little nails and screws and pieces of metal in other assorted containers, cans, jars, small boxes.

Then I reorganized the closet because once Umberto finishes plastering and I finish varnishing, a door will go up. Somehow, I thought this would all happen in a day. HA.

I went to town yesterday while I waited for the first varnish coat to dry. I went to one of the local bazaars, which is like a flea market or thrift store, looking for our stuff. Before I went I looked up the word tent...............carta, the dictionary said.

So, I locked up new old bike at the Alameda, paid thirteen pesos for a limon repasdo, people watched for awhile and waited for the bazaar to open.

Inside the bazaar, two men were playing electric guitars. Next to them was a huge old Harley motorcycle. I looked around for a carta and did not see one. One of the men asked me what I was looking for. I tried to describe an electric hand drill, a hammer drill and a carta. He looked at me very strangely and carta. I said................ si, la carta. Then he asked me if I wanted to go for a ride on his Harley and I
It was an awkward moment for some reason, and I was confused. I had no idea what all that was about.

When I got home, I tried to remember all the words I had used, figuring I said something wrong or was misunderstood.

A carta is a tent.
A carta is a letter.
A carta is a love affair.

So...........................don't think I will be going back into that bazaar again.

Time for me to get back to the closet, but I will leave you with this photo. One of many bees having a lovely love affair with our beautiful mint which is in full bloom! linda lou


Jacqui said...

And there is the joy of a foreign language!

I hope you have evicted all your jumping, biting bugs - they can be unpleasant in the home.

Brenda said...

Trying to remember what my landlord says for tents. Something like "una casita por campamento" sorry can't really remember correctly; but it is something like that.
Google translator says this, "Una CARPA para acampar".
Maybe you were saying "carta" when you should have been saying "carpa"
Who knows, it is all a mystery lol.

Susan Erickson said...

whoops! He's now telling all of his friends about the gringa that tried to put the moves on him. I love the cup of soup thing. All those little cups stacked up. Probably wanted to make Christmas decorations or ????

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

brenda, i just looked it up again and in my book, noun for tent is a carpa, so i have no idea, i hope i don't run into him on the street, but you are so right about the fish and it smokes up terrific. 50 pesos a kilo.
jacqui! i think the little guys are gone and yes, i am an umbrella collector for any occassion but we are not having much rain. i don't go out in the sun without one of those umbrellas.
susan,i bet you are right! Christmas decorations! I am sure he was going to surprise me!LL

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

lol.....great funny stories girl! Is Bill looking for his missing cups yet? And YES you do have muy umbrellas! And carpa may be right - Tim says tent is carpa. Love the BEE picture!