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Friday, July 16, 2010

Rumblings Far and Near

I just woke up from a nap that lasted much too long. It is a darn good thing I made a 4 cup pot of that casi cielo I found. I had a few sips of it and now I can at least remember where I live.

Then I went out and started up the smoker. I brined some lingada all night and then air dried it for several hours. I am not sure that is the correct name of this fish. It is something like that and it has been filleted in nice long strips that have very little bone. It looks a little like cod.

I hope someone will correct me on the name and give me some ideas for preparing it. Our fish lady, Yolanda, brought it yesterday. I smoked some great Baja mullet last week and saved the brine, so smoking this seemed like the thing to do. While I was putting in the mesquite chips, the wind picked up without warning and a few minutes later I took the photo below. Not sure what I will do with the smoker if it rains. I smoked the mullet under the portal and Senor did not like that. After a couple of days I didn't like it either. It smells like a barbeque under there.
Early this morning, around three a tremendous thunder and lightning and rain came around. The rain poured while streaks of lightning brightened the room and thunder and wind rattled the doors and windows. Around four I heard a loud meowing and clawing at the door and I jumped up and let Cookies in. I wrapped him in a towel, laid him next to Senor the Snorer and Cookies did not move until the sun came up.

There was no warning yesterday afternoon or evening of a storm building, so I got out the sandpaper and started sanding the door. After awhile Senor walked into the room and said...................oh, we have an electric one.........................great......................i said as I thought of all the cupboards I have been hand sanding.

He brought it to me with new paper attached and I sanded for about ten minutes and it quit. Senor came to take a look. He checked the cord, tried different plugs, checked the power, shook it, that is very important, this shaking of tools, and then he is broken.

So I am sure I mumbled something and rolled my eyes and then I hand sanded the door.
Senor must have had a feeling because he covered it with a tarp and this morning after the big rain, we discovered the roof leaked, right over the door. This morning I varnished the door and Umberto plastered the door jam and spent a lot of time on the roof, adding more concrete because he and Senor are close to finishing that roof top.

After Umberto left at eleven, and Daniel came to give us an estimate on the new iron bars that will secure two windows, I spent much of the day locking and unlocking doors. This is a lot of work and a nuisance, but I complain about it only to myself, and do it.

Senor and I agree all doors and the gate will be kept locked, day or night, when we are in the bedroom with the a/c going or when we leave or are working in a part of the house where we can not see the doors.

It will not always be like this, but these two rooms are, as you know, very exposed. If I were sitting in the West Wing reading, someone could hop the wall or gate, go right in and I would never know it.

I only locked my keys in one room or the other six times today. Each time I had to go and get Senor's keys. Once I had to wait outside until he returned from the hardware store. Twice someone came to the gate and rang the bells. I had to then go and find my keys to let them in.
It is all this locking and unlocking business that brought on the long nap.
I think there will now be a new item on the 'do to' list. I need to make a key chain holder that will go around my neck. I am not always wearing something with pockets like Senor.

Above, keys in metal door.
Below, keys in screen door.

So far, no rain, but a lot of distant rumbling and the sky is very, very dark now. I will go and put a tarp over the door and maybe rig one up for the smoker as well.
adios!!! linda lou


Brenda said...

The fish could be lenguado. You can do anything you want with it if that is what it is. Lots of it around here so it could be Lenguado.
According to this website it is Sole.

You can always tie a cord onto your key ring and then the other end to a pin and pin it onto your clothes or put them on a cord and add a few beads and wear it around your neck you might start a new fad lol.

Anonymous said...

I do like ur article~!!!..................................................................

Jacqui said...

I see you have your umbrellas ready for the rains.