Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Possible Storm

Buen dia!
We are in the middle of rolling thunder and flashing lightning, so I will not post much. Just want you to see the dramatic clouds that are coming in from the west. In the last week other storms have gotten close only to back off at the last moment and pass right by.
But this has potential.
In an hour we are due at a huge outdoor barbeque and of course, that is probably why it will rain. But we don't think anyone will care. Everyone is hoping for rain and we know how to barbeque in the rain.

Last night we went out and I forgot to shut off the hose. Our lime and amapa trees got a good three hours of water and the cistern went dry and Senor hosed down the pump for about an hour because we were afraid it might just burn up.

So, please I am begging here for rain. I am tired of watering.........................

Now the wind is picking up. But Senor just came in and said it is passing us by..............again.
I will go do a rain dance.
adios, linda lou


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

I hope the rain dance worked & I bet the bbq was lots of fun, rain or not! Still wishing it would rain here too but so far, nada! Have a great day!

Jacqui said...

We used to find the same problem, the clouds would gather, they would head towards us and then just fly right by and not rain on us at all. I do hope you get the downpour you so desperately want soon.