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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

18 Drops of Rain


Senor's new favorite pastime is climbing up on the roof for the sunset. When he is up there he says he can look down the street and see other people up on their roof. I am glad he likes it up there.

He does take nice photos. The skies are spectacular with color.

But we have no wind. It is unearthly still and quiet. We have no wind and no one goes outside unless it is time for the sunset or early in the morning before sunrise.

The bugs are awful. The gnat and sweat rags are not working on the bobos, the little black gnats that get in your eyes and ears and as a last resort, try to find coolness inside your nose. The pinnicadas should only be coming out at night, but during the day, the fat black beetles are trying to get inside cooler rooms and the crickets who are already inside are right there, ready with arms, to fight them off and protect their territory.
Nice and Soft Avon products in my clear storage bin do not work, OFF does not work. Later this afternoon, when we go outside to watch the birds and the swirling dark clouds that do nothing but swirl and be dark, I will put out an electric fan. Maybe that will keep the unwanteds away.

This past January, during FAOT, we had several days of slamming, driving rain, all unexpected, all out of the blue and all commencing on us from a dark overcast assortment of swirling clouds. We are only supposed to get little chipichipi's in January. So, maybe we have met our quota, we've got our lot already.

Now, this is fine with me. I do not want rain anymore. I have made this decision.
That does not mean I don't get to complain about not getting any, but I don't want any.

Last night I counted 18 drops and if you do not think I really counted, then think again.

I hope we only get another 18 this afternoon. No more than that.
Looking outside the kitchentool room window I can see the clouds coming, but they are hardly moving because the wind is not coming with them.
But look what else I see.

18 drops of rain must seem like a flood to her.


Susan Erickson said...

Is that a hummingbird nest? How fabulous. I like your new header. Now I can remember just where it is you live! I can almost feel the heaviness of your air. You need a big thunderstorm...with lots of rain....oh, the freshness of that!

Anonymous said...

We are sssoooo frustrated here in Navojoa about the lack of rain. I just don't know how much more heat I can take. So I kind of did what you said, yesterday I decided that I would not clean up after the dog and I left some laundry out so it HAD to rain. Sure enough we got a whole 10 minutes of chipichipi ;) Oh well, at least that's something.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

susan! That's a little hummingbird nest and we had a huge rain last night and it is still there. Isn't it amazing?
nikki, we are on our way to a party and it is thundering and lightning. I will tell it to come your way when it is done here.