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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Here's to a Healthy Alamos

Buen dia. How interesting is this..............when I began this post today, it was in Hindi and at first I had no idea really that it was Hindi, but I certainly knew it wasn't English. As I typed each word it came out in English and then when I went on to the next word, all the previous words became Hindi. After looking at my layout and design settings I noticed Hindi was enabled as being the language for my blog to be written in.............. now, just exactly how did that happen?

Fortunately it was easy to change....................maybe manana it will be in German.
Every day is exciting!

We have some new renters, or maybe they think they are the homeowners. This little guy below lives under the beam in the left of the photo. He comes out occasionally for something to eat and if Cookies sees him leave, he guards the beam until new guy comes home. Of course, he is wanting to pounce on him, but when new guy gets close to home, Cookies begins backing away.

Then, there is this new fellow who is probably about eighteen to twenty inches long, but I really don't think Cookies has discovered him yet. He lives in between the two walls, the old adobe and the new ladrillo. If you actually recall which walls I am talking about don't worry, the photo is turned sideways. He comes out to sun when Cookies is usually lounging inside the bedroom, on his back, legs up in the air.

Our new security light is in between each of their houses and is giving us security but proving to be a real pain in the neck. It attracts hundreds of bugs, june bugs, flying black beetle bugs, iridescent green back beetle bugs, flying white wing red body ants, tarantula black red wing flying bugs, little black beetles with opal wings. I have no idea what their real names are. But these things come out in droves when the light comes on.

Now this is something we never thought about, this new light attracting all these creatures.

We have had to move our nightly seating area down outside the bedroom door, where it not so bright. I have made sandbags for the doors because all of these bugs like to go inside and hang out all night, playing games like battle of the wings and I smell worse than you do hahaha, making sounds like they are sneezing. More than once I have awakened to Senor sneezing only to find out it is one of the beetles with the opal wings drooling and sneezing from the windowsill over my head.

What I really hate is when they get into the curtains overhead or the pillow cases. If I shake the curtains, they fall down on the pillows. If they are in the pillow cases, they crunch when you move your head.

So, the sand bags placed at the bottom of each door have taken care of this problem. And I bought a yellow fly swatter for Senor's side of the bed and a pink one for myself.
I will admit I enjoy running around in circles, outside, slapping them with the new fly swatters. The black flying beetles are very fast and I get a workout chasing them. So when we go to bed, there are generally a lot of little bug carcasses all over the cement out there.

And in the morning most of the bugs are gone. And after giving this some thought I have decided that is why we have new renters. They are coming out in the night and taking away these bugs and beetles.
Aren't we lucky?

Look below. Here is the photo I wanted to show you yesterday. I promise there was a pretty fuchsia bougainvillea over the wall yesterday and in the night it decided to topple back into the inside of the wall. My neighbor says I have to weight it down with a rock to convince it of where its home is. So, one of these days I will try that.

For some time there has been dozing activity up near the soccer field and track. Recently a sign went up explaining this. Ayuntamiento, the city council, or possibly in Alamos, that really just means the mayor, is building a sports center for the children of Alamos.

Below, is the present soccer field and track, surrounded by a brick wall which was built by the previous ayuntamiento.

The dozing is to the left of the wall.

And here is the sign.
There will be basketball courts, volleyball courts, a small baseball diamond, a small mod soccer field, a gymnasium, a pool and other small assorted pelota (ball) and frontton (ball) courts.
If you look in the photo above, you can see orange courts that look like tennis courts, on the lower right, but beneath these courts, it says basketball. We brought our tennis rackets and balls with us, hoping that since we were giving up soccer we might begin playing tennis again. There are tennis courts in Alamos, out by the airport, but they are private and we put the rackets away when we heard what it costs to join and play. But it is understandable, the foreigners who had the courts built would like their expenses covered. We have no problem with that. But unless some of the new courts are multi use, we won't be playing tennis.
And notice the courts above the pool (alberca). They are labeled Usos Multiples and appear to be more like basketball to me than the others which look more like tennis.

And, sigh, sigh, sigh,........................ the sign does say it is for our children. So maybe they are not going to let us adults play anything.

The sign in the photo below shows a river running through all of this and there are walkways to get from the sports facility to the soccer stadium. There is not a river there now, but I, for one, would be thrilled if ayuntamiento can just put in a river right there. It would be very scenic. I think those yellow circles are picnic tables. I would ride new old bike there and have a picnic at a table along the river.

Now there is an arroyo that runs nearby, but if that is a drawing of the arroyo they will need to move it. So, heck, in the summer, if it fills up with rain water, that would be lovely, too.

This project is supposed to be completed in 2012. I think it is very exciting. There are so many children here, so many young teenagers and high school students and Alamos is very lucky to have ayundamiento that is interested in keeping them healthy and active.
When Mayor Navarro came into office someone who supported the departing political party told me..................there goes tourism........Navarro, (being a doctor)..........he only interested in health issues.
Being a person who loiters around the Plaza constantly, I see more tourism this summer than I have in the past two, and how lucky for Alamos children that Mayor Navarro is interested in their health.
adios! siesta time!


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Bugs can sneeze?!! Never heard of that but how funny! What fun new friends for Cookies! What a neat plan for the sports place - I hope you will get to take your tennis racket & be a kid too!

Ian Huntington said...

Beetles attracted to the lights often lay eggs in the soil under or near the light source. These eggs will hatch grubs which feed off organic substances including roots in the soil before emerging as adult beetles. So, it is best not to locate the lights near planted areas.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

girl, the little opal wing bugs make a really light shoo sound, well, I think it is them, I guess it could be any one of them. They don't really drool, I hope. ALTHOUGH, at bridge one of the lady's told Senor that the female beetle excreets a slimy juice and if it gets on your skin it will feel like a burn.
glenn ian,thank for letting us know that. The light is over the kitchen tool room, so the cement patio is beneath it, the closest soil is about 15 feet from the edge of the cement. should I worry? I know the beetles are all over the soil out there.

Mike Nickell and Cynthia Johnson said...

Hi Linda Lou - I can hardly believe how Cookies has adapted to the new life in Alamos, especially after losing his/her partner in crime. Kudos to you and Senor for making Cookies' life good!