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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Small Town Trip

Buen dia. I can count on one hand the number of rains we have had. While everything looks very green, we are really short in rain this year. I did not say short in water, just short in rain.
Today looks promising, it is very cloudy out and a nice fat cloud is sitting on top of Mt. Alamos, but who really knows. I hear it is falling in Mexico City and Chiapis. Maybe it will just keep on moving this way.

On Sunday, bright and early, Senor asked me if I wanted to take the back road to Masiaca and then over to Navajoa for some grocery shopping. Of course I jumped on that and was ready to go in under five minutes. After working hard all week I know Senor enjoys a quiet Sunday, but he also knows I like to go.

We have taken you to Masiaca before. To refresh your memory, we will drive out past the Mirador lookout on a dirt road which becomes paved until KM 7. This is the road that a lot folks still think is paved all the way to Masiaca............well, it isn't. This is also the road that a lot of folks still think is the back road to El Fuerte....................well, it isn't.

This road will be unpaved for about 13 KM's and will end up in the small town of Masiaca and then the road will continue and take you to Highway 15.
Unless, you choose to turn left at the El Chinal sign, now that is the real back road to El Fuerte, roughly all 8 to 9 hours of it.

I think when we took you there before it may have been winter. Now having received some rainfall, you can see how lush and green it is and how narrow the road can be.

We have 4 wheel drive and very high clearance. You can get by without the 4 wheel drive, unless the rain does decide to come and you get caught in it. I wouldn't take a sedan for sure.
On this trip I wanted to focus on all the churches we could find. There are so many small pueblos to drive through on this route and there is a church in everyone.

There is always a lot of farm life and wildlife. We saw a few roadrunners zipping across the road, lots of goats and cows hanging around. We saw a big ground bird we had not seen before and could not identify, and lots of dove and quail. A lot of new colts were out for the afternoon with the family.

Below is the sign where you want to turn to go on the real back road to El Fuerte. But we are going on to Masiaca today.
These are some of the beautiful little churches we saw.
I actually kept a small piece of paper with the pueblo names and the church descriptions just so I could tell you the name of each town. That way when you decide to take your own trip on this route, you would be able to identify the churches. But, oh me, that paper flew out the window.
So, just relax and enjoy the scenery.

Another little colt, just hanging around while his folks chat with some neighbors across the street.

When we get to Highway 15, if we turn south we will go to Sinaloa and then on to Mazatlan. But we are going north up to Navajoa to the supermarket.

However if we cross the highway we will go to Los Bocas and the beach. I was pretty excited when, after waiting in line behind many parked cars whose drivers were making purchases in the Tecate station there on the corner, Senor crossed the street and we went on to the beach.

I would never pass up a trip to the beach.

A quick stop for grilled chicken on the roadside.............................

A cold coca cola from the abarrotes..................................

and, like magic, you are at the beach............................

When we finally got to Navajoa in the late afternoon, we were just about too pooped to shop. So, in and out we were in less than five minutes and off for home.
A wonderful way to end a busy week!
adios! linda lou


Jacqui said...

I love the photo of the chap up to his shoulders in the sea - with fishing rod, it looks bizarre but is probably very effective.

I did smile when I read of your paper list being lost through the window.

Wonderful day out.

Chrissy y Keith said...

woohoo, I love your road trips.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

they were surf fishing for catfish!

Susan Erickson said...

Even the most ordinary of outings is an adventure. It all looks fascinating and fun and authentic. The beach is always great to see.....

Ian Huntington said...

Love seeing the pictures you take on your trips! Like the churches!The foliage is so verdant and beautiful now.
I too noticed the guy fishing in water up to his head but then thought, "Probably cooler that way."

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

What another wonderful little trip! Love seeing the BEACH & the churches are all so unique & pretty. I especially love the little colt & at first glance I thought it was a painting....great picture! Your new BLUE blog background is SO pretty!!

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

thanks for all the comments, i love little day trips like this and isn't that the prettiest little colt ever???? and yes, i am messing with the templates, not sure i will stick with blue yet. adios!

Ed said...

Linda Lou,

I'm not sure about using the blue but try it and see how you like it you can always change it again.

It is good of you to make the change for this Comment area also. I can now leave you one!

Ed said...

Sorry Linda Lou but the lavender does not do it for me. The red background that you had with the white center would be better. Just my not so humble opinion.