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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fiestas are on the Horizon

Buen Dia!
Isn't this an amazing sunset? The sky was truly this brilliant. To the north, a fog settled in on the montanas and soon a good storm arrived. We did not get much rain, but the wind and thunder and lightning certainly provided an array of sound and color. Cookies was eventually forced to give up his sentry duty among the new sandbags while the a/c blasted him from beneath the door. The sandbags are working great, not only do they keep out the bugs, but they are doing a nice job holding back the rain which always manages to find its way into the bedroom. We are even able to turn on the bedroom lights now for reading.
And I have not had a flapping, buzzing bug inside my pillowcase for about 3 nights now.
This may be cause for fiesta!!!!!!!

I am very happy to report there is no clean up after last night's rain. Senor placed a pink tarp over the unfinished skylight and everything stayed nice and dry.
I got up early and went to meet a friend for breakfast and when I returned, Umberto was plastering away and Senor was sawing away on varro blancas, then placing them in the skylight. When he is done Umberto will mortar them and we will be on our way to becoming even drier.
Hooray! Now that is really cause for Fiesta!

There is a lot of activity in the Palacio lately. As I mentioned before there seem to be a lot of Mexicano tourists in town and an abundance of activity all around.
Inside the entrance to the Palacio is a new sign to remind us this is both a bicentennial and centennial year. It is the 200th year of Independence and the 100th year of the Revolution. The first will be celebrated in September and then the Revolution in November.
I just have this feeling....................of wild craziness coming. Fireworks, music, food and tecate and dancing well into the night for days and days and days.

A week ago we went to an event at the Palacio, the 4th annual singing competition for the states of Baja, Baja Sur and Sonora. I believe the winner of this contest will compete in October in Mexico City. We were in the Palacio for almost two hours and finally Senor's ears had to leave. Mine followed soon.

There was just so much music. There were ballads, love songs, ranchero songs, singer after singer. People in the crowd and in the gallery above were waving banners to show their support for their favorites.

One very handsome young man, in full mariachi regala and sombrero sang to wailing women of all ages, half of whom got up out of their chairs and followed him outside when he finished. When we left at 7pm he was being smothered with kisses and photographed by every available Mexicano cellphone.

Around 10pm, from our casa, we heard a tremendous roar and clapping and screaming that went on and on for about 20 minutes. We decided the winner had been sombrero'd and surely it was him. He was from Baja Sur, but definitely headed to bigger stages than our Alamos Palacio.
I could not get a good photo of any singer until I went to the gallery. Then the camera batteries went dead.

It is a little breezier today and I hear a distant rumble of thunder once in awhile. But the heat is outside, all 100 degrees of it and I can feel it beating on the metal door. Cookies is under the bed and jumps each time Senor comes in to get cool for a moment.

Filing papers and receipts will be my afternoon job and one of the things I will file away is my clay class certificate from the mayor. I am actually quite proud of it and very happy to have received it later in the week and not asked to stand with all the children in front of their families.
It is my first certificate to actually receive.

I was told the old ayundamiento had a certificate for me thanking me for working at DIF after Norbert, and that Casa de la Cultura had one for me in appreciation of work done on the Calaca Festival, but I never saw either of them.

So, maybe I will not file it away. Maybe I will go to Navajoa for a frame and hang it on the wall. How many people have a signed certificate from the mayor himself?

Then this afternoon I will hop on new old bike and go to the fabric painting class. I wonder if I get a certificate for that.
I think I see many fiestas on the horizon!!


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

Happy FIESTA-ing!! Lots of wonderful accomplishments to CELEBRATE!!

Susan Erickson said...

It amazes me how busy you always hanging in the hammock for you! Enjoy it all and especially FIESTA!...thanks for sharing.....

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

I was looking at hammocks in Topolobampo and they were all made in China. If I could actually find a nice Oaxacan or Jalisco hammock, I might lay in it.