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Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Night's Storm

Buenas tardes!
Lots of clouds have been brewing around this place every day, and while we have had 1.7 inches in our barrio, spread out over a 3 day non consecutive period, and a little rain and a little thunder and a little wind and a little lightning here and there, 
last night's midnight storm was a humdinger and since the contest began on the 24th this year, it is the biggest storm closest to that date.
And since I am the boss of the contest, I pick last night's storm to really begin our rainy season, as far as our contest goes. Please realize that I am not smart enough to be the boss of the rainy season itself.
Alamos resident, Gail Morden, came closest.
Guessing June 29, 5:30pm, put her 6.4 hours and minutes from the start of the storm here at our house.
Felicidades, Gail! You get the earrings!

I am certain those lightning bolts were right outside our window and I lost track of the power outages we had. But I guarantee that when there is a power outage in our bedroom, during a rain storm, in the summer, there is no air to breathe.

We only received 1 inch here in our rain gauge, but it happened fast as the storm lasted less than an hour, moved out, but returned around 2:30am to add more electricity and wind.

I am sure there were a lot of unprepared people out there.
 I know I was unprepared and have spent the better part of the day sweeping rain out of the open air sala, that is of course, the unfinished living room.
But it is good to have watering the yard out of the question.

There could be more rain this afternoon. I just hope it comes before dark so people have a chance to gather their belongings, put their bikes and donkeys under cover, put up a blue tarp where needed, and close the windows, which is what Senor was running around doing at 1am.

Congratulations, Gail! See you soon with delivery and can I pick up my basil plant then, too?
Mil gracias to everyone who joined in the fun!
Linda Lou


zunaira mehar said...

Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Rss feed isnt working today. I tried adding it to my Yahoo reader account but got nothing.
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Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

sorry, zunaira, don't know how to fix that if it happens again, maybe ablogger issue, but seems to be working now! thx much, LL