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Monday, June 23, 2014

Our Sweet Cookies

 We have lost our sweet cat, Cookies, or 'Dawg' as Senor and I so frequently and fondly referred to him.
 He died very peacefully in his sleep, and he had been sick for awhile.

Normally I would probably not share something like this, but he was a popular cat. A lot of people knew him in Carnation, and people came to know him on the road during our travels south to Mexico.
 Here in Alamos, he had a lot of friends, and we think he made a lot of friends through the blog, too.
 More people asked about Cookies, the cat, than about us.

In general, he was not the most outgoing cat to visitors to the house.
 Often when we had guests he preferred to watch from a distance, although with certain people he would be very friendly, rubbing against them and practically begging for attention.

He loved catching and eating lizards almost more than he loved laying completely still on the asador with the fake doves, secretly waiting to attack when the real ones came around to eat. 
His day time sleeping arrangements were made under the coolest palms, in the dirtiest dirt, or on his back on the cool cement tile floor, and at night I often found him on top of Senor's stomach, rising up and down as Senor snored away peacefully.

He spent his night time hours in and out, in and out, and he required much more attention than a newborn baby. All twenty-three pounds of him kept our cupboards full of Whiskas, his favorite food next to chips and  cheese licks.
His regular cleaning and washing schedule always occurred, on the bed where Senor and I sleep, at promptly two am and included a thorough licking of our faces and hair.

Cookies had many accomplishments: 'Lizard Slayer', Hummingbird Chaser', Keeper of the Asador', and 'Flower Crusher' are only a few, but his greatest accomplishment will always warm our hearts when we think of him.

 We arrived in Alamos, in June, 2008, with loads of belongings and the two cats, Cookies and Ashes. After we had been here for around a week or two Ashes was suddenly missing.
 For days we called her, we walked the streets looking for her, we had the announcer truck travel through the barrios letting people know that we had lost our white and gray cat who had a tail that curled up high over her back. We were so sad, but Cookies was even sadder.
 He would not eat, he was listless, it was obvious he was heart broken.

Then late one afternoon Cookies was missing.
 We did not see him through the night and through the next day. We didn't know what to think.
  I sat in a chair in the yard and cried. 
We had not been able to part with these two cats that belonged to our kids who had both just gone off to college, we could not have left these cats behind in Carnation, nor could we have given them away, we brought them so far and now, they were both gone.

Late the next evening, Cookies came back.
 He was panting heavily, his eyes were cloudy, his fur was matted, he was drenched from a rain storm. He collapsed at our feet and we rushed to give him bowl after bowl of water. 
We had no idea where he had been or what had happened. We were just happy to have him back.

Around fifteen minutes or so, after Cookies had returned, Senor heard a squeak and looked up and there was Ashes, sitting right on the concrete at his feet.

Cookies went to get Ashes and bring her back home.
Sweet Cookies! August 1993-June 22 2014


Cheapchick said...

I am sorry you lost your fur baby but it appears that a long and happy life was lived.

Tancho said...

Sorry for your loss of a member of your family. We depend on our pets to provide lots of happiness, all the time..

Judy said...

I'm sorry to read you and Senor have lost Cookies. Good cats are hard to come by.

Christine said...

What a CAT!!

Anonymous said...

I know how much you loved that cat. I'm so sorry. Besitos, Yennifer

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks to all of you for your comments. yes, we loved that cat a lot and will miss him!!!
Linda Lou and senor, too......

Ralph and Chris said...

Sorry to hear, always hard to lose a critter, especially a sweet one like Cookies. Thoughts are with you!

Matthew Smith said...

So sorry to hear about Cookies. I was one of his fans. I will miss hearing about his exploits. He picked great owners in you and Señor . You are in my thoughts and prayers. Jan in Mississippi

nikki Wells said...

I am so sorry for your loss. He sounded like quite a character, but that last bit about him going to get Ashes really got to me. What a guy!! Hugs from Villa Dorada Navojoa ;)

Gin said...

Sorry to hear your baby departed. I know how you feel as we lost our precious cat, Nacho Gonzales a year or so before we left Alamos. Sometimes there is just a special bond with an animal. Cookies will live on in your memories and photos. I still get out Nacho's photos occasionally.

Peter and Shelagh said...

So sorry for your loss. We too had a 23 lb cat that five weeks ago was taken by a coyote. He had the same moves as your cat, made me laugh to see the pictures. We had our boy for only eleven and a half years. His name was Martini cause at five weeks he was sitting in the middle of the martini set with the same colour eyes as the Bombay gin. We miss him a lot, no plans to get anything new as adventure for Mexico is next. I like to think our cats have led a charmed life. Cheers, Shelagh

Anonymous said...

Sad news you lost your big boy Cookies.I loved that you and Senior too were so crazy about your cats.
Susie H in Fl

Barb said...

So sorry Linda. Tears!
Barb (Kino Bay)

Brenda Maas said...

I am so sorry to read this news. I enjoyed his adventures and know that you two will really miss him. Take care.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to Cookies! He was a wonderful soul and surely enjoyed his life with you.


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Here it is August 16 and I see that so many people commented about cookies and I didn't even know it. Thank you all so much, with all our hearts, Linda Lou and Senor, too.