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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Clever Centerpieces

Buenos Dias!

For over a week I misplaced my cell phone charger, my camera link cable and my skype microphone. So, while I was unable to post (I can't post without photos), I saved alot in AT and T bills as I missed many calls from our daughter. The skype microphone I only have to use when calling a landline phone in the states.

All is good now as I found all the missing items in the camera case bag right where I put them.

Nights are still cold here, but the sunrises are gorgeous as you can see in the photo. Senor has a new big toy. If you have small propane tanks here, they are simply switched out by the propane delivery service with other filled tanks. You don't keep the tank you buy unless you take it to the propane site by walking it there, balancing it across the bars of your bike or allowing it to roll around in the backend of your truck.

After hearing stories of switched out tanks with loose valves and incorrect regulator readings, Senor decided to buy a rather large tank. I guess we need this when we finally complete our guest room and all our family and friends decide to arrive at the same time.

The great advantage is the propane company comes and fills it on site and there are no worries about all that leaky valve stuff.

So I asked Senor.......what are all those knobs and switches for.......................he said..........i have no idea..........................and spent the afternoon researching propane tank valves and nozzles and switches on the internet.
This tank is now the new centerpiece for our casa. It can be seen right from the gate and I have noticed a few folks standing at the gate, looking. I am sure they think we are opening a restaurant.

I think he is now very smart about the new propane tank. I told him how nice if he were now smart enough to hook it up to the hot water tank which is still in its home, in the box. He did not laugh. I think we now have to build a little roof for the tank so it will not rust......................i said.
He put that on his mental to do list, which is good for about thirty seconds if it is my suggestion.

So, I left him alone to keep entertaining his intelligence through the internet and went to work on my own project.

I was asked if I would create a table centerpiece for a fundraising luncheon. I love doing that sort of thing, so of course, I said, yes. I found an old candle holder at the local thrift store and started painting it, thinking I could do something with it. I asked Senor what he thought about my progress.

Now one thing about Senor. He never, never lies. I can always count on him to be honest and not pussy foot around the subject or give me ill advice if he knows whatever I am doing is not something he particularly sees great success in.

So, he said.........that is colorful (always a positive introduction to the real comment), but it looks like something I would have done in fourth grade, no, no, third grade, when I was younger, but it is colorful.

I looked at the candleholder again, and of course, he was right. So, I painted some of it black, thinking that might highlight the colors and you do not need to see photos or know about any further comments he made about that.

So, with the luncheon on Wednesday (that being today), on Monday afternoon I decided I would make wire dolls and dress them in elegant outfits. The luncheon includes a fashion show and I thought my theme would be a Santa Semana or Carnaval Parade, in Alamos, circa 1865 or so.

I went to the fabric store at the Mercado (I keep telling people there is a fabric store in town and they still do not believe me) and stocked up on fabrics, lace and ribbon and my favorite thing, glue sticks for my glue gun. Back home, with baling wire and snippers, I created three dolls and a poodle, dressed them up and my centerpiece is good to go to the luncheon.

When I get them to their table later this morning, I will take a nice photo so you can see all three and the poodle. The poodle is covered in silver and has a pink crystal in its ear.

Senor actually thinks these are very clever centerpieces. He said they remind him of old graphite drawings in a Harpers Bazaar Magazine. That is a very good comment.


Chrissy y Keith said...

I love the wire dolls. What a creative mind you have.

Jacqui said...

Wow, we have a propane tank too! 1000 litres so we don't have to keep changing little bottles. We've had the tank about a month but we're still waiting for them to fill it up! We had to build a cage which has to be locked, do you?

I hadn't considered what the buttons do, we have a dial and when it gets to a certain level we ring up and ask them to come and fill it again! That's if we ever get it filled at all.

Love the dolls! What great centre pieces.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

The dolls are so cute! Can't wait to see the poodle too! Looking forward to hearing all about the luncheon - I'm sure it was fun!