Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Rose Story

Buen dia.
I am so proud of myself.
Not only did I find two of the garden shops on my trip to Navajoa, I found a lovely boulevard loaded with shops, parked the truck in a too small parking space, and shopped until I ran out of cash. None of the stores would take my US credit card, which is good. I saw alot of things I wanted.

I did buy another rose. Is this also a Peace rose? I bought more petunias, too.

I really do have a fondness for roses. In Washington they were difficult to grow. The lack of sunlight made their blooming stages very sporadic. But at one time I did have about twenty beautiful roses and one August they were in full bloom, all at once. I had placed a pretty little iron garden bench there and the smell was tantalizing. One day I saw Ian and a girl from down the street, sitting on the bench together. They were about ten years old and it was a very sweet scene.

I had an enormous Dolly Parton rose, sweet smelling Joseph's Coats, Pink Delights, Yellow Candlelights and many more. Anytime someone came over, I managed to help them find their way to my rose garden where we would sit and have a cup of coffee.

We were busy planning a trip to Florida and I was working out arrangements for someone to take care of the yard and Snowy and Ivory, our two pretty white cats.

The morning of our trip, before leaving for the airport, I walked out to the rose garden for one last look. I also wanted to get some photos to take to Senor's father who claimed he had the bigger Dolly Parton rose. I thought mine was bigger and intended to prove it.

Every one of my roses was gone, vanished, zilch, nada one left, all nibbled to the ground, during the night.

The house next door was an underground earth house and up on top of the roof was a mama and two baby deer, looking pleasantly full and content, munching on our neighbor's roof grass.

It was time to leave. There was nothing I could do. I scribbled off a note to the girl who would not be watering the roses and cried all the way to Florida.

I am determined to have a rose garden again. And fortunately, I have not seen any deer in Alamos.

Now, what is this fruit? I know, I could google it, but I would rather hear from a real person, with experience. How do I open it? What do I do with it?

I bought seven of them from a little boy who called it a....... (sounds like peachie).
I am looking forward to hearing what it is.

A little update on the casa. The fifth roof has just come down. It is the one that was caving in when we bought the casa. The window is where the front door will be. Senor and I are in disagreement over the door. He drew a picture and is the front door........................ i said............................wait a minute, i have a picture of our front door.

So we compared drawings and they are nothing alike. Senor drew another picture. I made suggestions. He drew another. I made statements, not suggestions. He said........................... the iron man is coming early manana to give an estimate. I said.......change this and this and left. I have not seen the newest drawing. But then, I have not seen the iron man either.
This wall separates the front door room and the garden room which will all be one room when this wall comes down.
I hope this gives you an idea of the space. I will keep you posted on the door.
Oh me, I should be studying my Spanish. This is a very good, but difficult course. If I do not study every day, I get behind. But I don't study every day. So it is a problem. I need to finish the coyote fence. I need to cut glass. I need to plant my petunias I bought at the nursery. I need to skype my mom. Oh, the iron man is here. Now, I need to go see Senor's newest drawing.

I am practicing little sayings. Here is one I have just learned. You can save it and remember it after the snow and cold rain are gone and you are out working in your own rose garden:
No se enreden en sus rosas!
(don't get twisted or tangled up or in trouble in your roses) adios! linda lou


Jacqui said...

Reflexive verbs so soon? I struggle as we don't have them in English.

Your rose looks wonderful, I always had roses in the garden in England and hope to be able to grow them here, I have seen houses with roses in the gardens. We are a way off having a garden yet though, I need to get the vegetables growing first.

Anonymous said...

Like mother, like my blog from today...something about a "too small parking space." how odd!! love you!!

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

That's a gorgeous rose! I remember your LOVELY rose garden in WA and I remember going with you to pick some of those rose bushes out - the Double Delight! I remember that one especially! I am SO ready to start gardening & will be on the look-out for some new roses too!