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Friday, February 12, 2010

Their Faces Tell This Story

Buen Dia.

There will be an Alamos production next week, of Little Red Riding Hood. Produced and directed by the traveling Missoula Montana Childrens' Theater, over one hundred children have been trying out this week and last week for parts in the play.
The Childrens' Theater has been here before, but this performance will be unique. It will be in English. Children have been eagerly writing the English words in their notebooks and memorizing lines and songs.

One of the local teachers, seen in the photo below, places a very strong emphasis on English as the second language and teaches English classes at several schools, in addition to his regular courses of mathematics and language. This teacher also happens to be my Spanish teacher and is extremely well educated and bi lingual.

The cast has now been chosen, costumes will be fitted on Monday and over a hundred children will begin rehearsals for the play which will be next Friday and Saturday evenings in the Palacio.

I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the photos I took last week when the children were still coming to tryouts. Their faces are so beautiful. Their eagerness amazed me. Their attentiveness and behavior were remarkable. Keeping over a hundred school kids quiet is not an easy task. Yet there were only a handful of adults and the children knew the expectations.

I think their faces tell this story...............................

adios! linda lou


Jacqui said...

How wonderful, I look forward to reading your report of the final production. Where I used to live there as a Saturday class for the local children to come and have additional tuition in English. The parents were most keen for the children to attend. I got involved with helping the age 6-11 group and it was great fun. We had stories, games like word searches, and each class focused on a topic like the time, numbers, verbs etc. It was great for helping me with my Spanish as well, as I found I picked up the Spanish words for what we were teaching in English. After a couple of weeks the children started to ask me questions and so I got to practice speaking Spanish as well. If you get a chance to do the same, I think you would enjoy it.

1st Mate said...

The kids in the Alamos area are so lucky to have access to a teacher who actually takes the learning of English seriously. The schools here in Guaymas/San Carlos don't seem to put much emphasis on it, and I actually know a few Mexicans who speak good English but their kids can't speak it at all. Their English classes are, say, once a week, if any. And the classes don't make it fun, the way they do in Alamos.