Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
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Monday, February 15, 2010

The Rose

Hola Hola!!!!

Senor gave me a chocolate rose yesterday, made in and shipped all the way from China, in a box with a five year expiration date. Of course, I said thank you and he then suggested I could put it in water and not much later we got this one at the tiangus. The pink tinged petals are lovely.
Does anyone know the name of this rose? I am very eager to find out.
It does not seem to have a perfume, but the colors are very soft and pretty yellows and pinks.
Below are some photos from yesterday's Carnaval parade. The new ATV vehicles, which are leading the parade (and are by the way, illegal to own and operate in Alamos) belong to policia.

Mexico has beautiful women.

Even the old women, who have already lost all their teeth, have a glow about them that is absolutely beautiful. The women who work in the tortilla factories and obviously eat those tortillas ALOT have a deep unmistakable beauty. Maybe it is in their sparkling eyes or their eager smiles. Maybe it is just the dimple at the right side of their mouth, maybe it is the fullness of their dark faces or the sharpness of their cheekbones. They are all beautiful.

Below are some of the beautiful young women in Alamos.

Here is the Carnaval Queen, La Reyna de Carnaval.

Last night we went to the Plaza and I was able to get off one photo before the batteries went dead. It was a very lively place, children running everywhere, cracking paper filled eggshells over everyone's head. I bought my bag of twenty five eggs for diez (ten) pesos. They were going for fifteen, but I knew the family, so they gave me a deal. The man took off his cap and offered me his head. I cracked an egg over his head and I was immediately hooked.

I cracked another over the head of my friend Chayo, but I asked first because she had about six children with her and I did not want to start a riot. She then proceeded to hit me with an egg. Her granddaughter got Senor good and I would have loved a picture of that.

Silly string has been introduced here and it seemed to be very popular on one corner of the Plaza, where both girls and boys were fully covered and trying to untangle the mess from their clothes and hair.
Below is my one photo........................ I was unable to get the beautful queen and her court as they modeled on the Carnaval stage and had photos taken by everyone in town who owns a cell phone or camera.

This is what is left of my egg bag this morning. I cracked quite a few eggs last night.

Now, I am off to Navajoa to buy a pot for my rose. I am also going to the market for capers and and blue cheese and mushroom soup and the new cd by Alejandro Fernando.

que tengas buen dia!! linda lou


Julian in SC said...

It sure looks like you are having a whole lot more fun down there than we are here in Upstate SC! Snow is finally melting / dissolving in the cold rain we are experiencing right now.. boy it has been a long winter up here in "South".


1st Mate said...

Magnificent rose! Glad you got one you can plant and I hope it flourishes. But no, I haven't a clue what it's named. Probably a Mexican name anyway.

Ian Huntington said...

Hi Linda Lou,
So enjoy your posts and look forward to reading them.
I'm fairly certain that your new rose is 'Peace' made public in 1945 and awarded an 'All American' that same year although it was developed by a Frenchman before the German invasion. Sometimes 'Peace' roses will be fringed in delicate pink but others, like yours, may have pink markings on the outer tips of the petals. As a hybrid rose, it may not be scented.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Julian, thanks for the comments. I hope your weather changes soon. you are having a really long cold winter. You and your wife should come down for a visit!!
1st mate, I went and bought a pretty pot and another rose! And Glenn Ian, thank you so much for the information. I looked up Peace and I believe you are right. I wish you were here so you could tell me what some of the other stuff in the yard is. On your next visit, we will take a yard tour and I will take notes!!