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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ladies are on the Table


We have been getting an unusual amount of rain. Some of it we expect, the kind that sneaks in under the weather radar in the middle of the night and beats gently on the roof top. The other, forecasted on the weather underground, is visiting us during the day and keeping us not only wet, but cold, as the temperatures drop.

So, given this weather, it was not a complete surprise when it rained off and on during the Las Camadres luncheon yesterday. The ticket paying, wine and coffee drinking, soup and salad eating group stayed dry and warm under the portals, but the emcees and fashion models, were in the courtyard, in the rain. Below the ladies are on the table.

By luncheon time, the table glasses were filled with peach cloths and bright blue, pink and purple napkins adorned each yellow placemat. It was all very colorful. One of the Glasspondstudio pendants was auctioned off for eighty-five dollars. Proceeds from the luncheon are used to put together food and health baskets that are distributed at Christmas and Easter throughout the municipality of Alamos.

By the time I got home, Senor was working on a soup for the evening.

He cooks empty shrimp shells for over an hour and then drains the liquid off and adds all kinds of spices and herbs. Then he continues to cook this mixture for about another hour and right before he serves it, he throws in all the shrimp. As he hands the bowl off, the shrimp is cooking away. It is a great soup for a cold, rainy evening.

This morning the weather looks promising. The sun is out and I do not see any clouds in the sky. The songbirds are chirping away, and our newest roofing inspector, Iglet, whom the guys found on the roof, is already out on the adobes trying to warm up. When Iglet is outside sunning and inspecting, Cookies is inside whining, missing Ashes I am sure, and dismayed by her replacement, of all things, an iguana.

So, I am off to the kitchen tool room for a boiled egg, salt and lime.

Then I will be boiling beets and turnips which came from a friend's overflowing garden.

And later I will have to go to Spanish class and I really dread this today because I did not study this week. I usually study about eight to ten hours each week on my own and then I will still complain to Senor that class is very hard. This week there have been distractions, something always seemed to come up. It is not like I went looking for other things to do, they just came about on their own.

So today I will come home after class and tonight I will complain about the difficulty of learning this language. Then Senor will how much did you study this week................and I will say................none at all, but I made dolls and boiled beets and turnips.

adios! linda lou


Chrissy y Keith said...

the dolls must have been a hit! How pretty. Sorry about the rain. It reached us last night.
I am roasting beets today for dinner. The shrimp soup sound wonderful. I will have to try it.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

The ladies are LOVELY! The shrimp soup sounds DELICIOUS! Wish I had some! Poor Cookies missing Ashes ~
Jakie Baker went to heaven today :-(
He was 15 which was way up there in doggie years so he had a good long life.
Good luck with your spanish!

Jacqui said...

Poco y poco con tu español.

I too have weeks where time vanishes and homework is still there. I have now started doing it as soon as I get home from class or it doesn't get done!

The ladies look beautiful, such a lovely addition to the tables, well done you!

Mic said...

Those little ladies are FANTASTIC...and must have been fun to make.

(thumbs up)

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

thanks everyone for the comments about the dolls. Baling wire twisted into head shapes with arms and legs, some metal wire from inside the electrical wire Senor buys, a lighter (26 gauge) wire to twist into curly hair, wire cutters, glue gun, lots of fabrics and little beads, wood base drilled with a dremel and wood bit to hold the the legs in place.........just in case you want to make one. Very, very easy and yes, lots of fun!