Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Goodnight, Senor

Hola. Here is last night's beautiful full moon coming up in the east. It was a pretty one. And the silhouetted Mt Cacharumba in the west. Our days are getting warm, Saturday was in the nineties, but it has been very breezy and that is keeping the heat in check. Dawn is coming around five fifteen in the morning and dusk, around seven ten. The evenings are very nice and it cools down quickly and I still need my fleece when I am out early on new old bike or old feet. I am still having these blogger problems, it is sort of ridiculous. It is amazing to me that things go so smoothly for so long and then, poof! Someone Somewhere makes a decision that things would be better IF we did this or that, but most of us just will not really know how to do this or that. I switched back to the basic loader and am now able to move my photos around by clicking and dragging, but who knows how long that will last? Ahha! Something new! A new adventure! And speaking of new things, we woke to no water in the casa.
This is true, no water in the casa. Senor is working on the problem. He says there is not enough pressure in the city pump to get water up to the tinnaca. Now maybe this explains why everyone has a hose inserted in their tinnaca. That is how they are filling them.

It's just like blogger technology. I don't understand any of this stuff. By the way, farther down you will get to some dead space which I cannot get rid of, so scroll down and read on.

What I do know is, no running water in the casa means I don't have to dishes, don't have to cook. I can just be lazy.

But first I had to go around this morning to the little aborettes, grocery store, over on Allende. It is a short walk or bike ride. I love this little store. He has everything I need and if he does not have it, he tells me.....come back in an hour............. and poof! It is on the shelf, like magic. His prices are not any higher and the young owner is practicing his English and hoping he can sell enough to stay in business. I am trying to get my staples from him now and he carries dairy, vegetables and fruit, hot dogs, breads and toiletries and has a coke waiting for Senor every morning, nice. Below is beautiful and inviting Calle Allende.
 Butter, Senor's coke and a topochico for me.

 Umberto decided to not come to work today. He stopped by and told Senor he had a toothache.
I saw him on his bike, carrying on an animated conversation with someone and he did not look to be in any pain, nice. Maybe he will be here manana? He has been working on the ladrillo wall here. If you look at the columns you can actually get an idea of where the bi fold metal and glass doors will be. A set will be in between each column and with this wall coming up, I can really get a feel for what this might look like? Have I said that before?

I started this post around four hours ago and I was just fixing to tell you something important and Senor came into the room and, I don't want to alarm you, but I need to go to the hospital and will you drive me there........well, I was a little alarmed as he had his hands spread out in front of him and I looked and all of his fingers were there.....what happened?................i burned myself with the blow torch...............go get in the car, i said.

We had not been to the hospital before and Senor made light of it and said that this would just be another new adventure. So, we went to the hospital and Senor walked quickly right past all the pregnant girls, right past all the old coughing Senoras and the hunched over little grandfathers and through the emergency room waiting doors and I did not see him again for about an hour. I assumed he was alive or surely someone would have let me know. I tried to explain to the other people waiting why Senor's health was more important than theirs and that in the United States this is not what we call cut the butter. It is simply called emergency. I mean none of the young girls looked like they were on the edge of giving birth and everyone else was upright.

Senor came out with a huge bandaged hand, and I took him home, then returned to the pharmacy for salve and medication. Some friends were expecting us at their home, so I drove us there and Senor proceeded to have a couple of castillo rums and finally told the truth. In the daylight he could not see the flame of the torch and thought the nozzle was pointing one way, when in fact, it was pointing the other way, right over his thumb. Bet that hurt.

So we are back home and he finally has a little food in his stomach and is pretending to be reading a book, but I think this rum will put him to sleep.

Oh, oh, I remember what I was fixing to tell you. Last Tuesday something bit Senor on the ankle and his ankle swelled up as big as the thick end of a baseball bat. He could not flex it and could not walk on it until early Saturday. I kept saying...............maybe we should go over to the clinic or...............maybe we should get you to the hospital. But no, he would not go. I guess he was destined to get over there to have a new adventure.

He tells me now that he is sure we will have water tomorrrow............................goodnight, Senor.


~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

yikes girl - I hope Bill's hand is better today & I hope you are feeling better too by now. AND I hope you have agua today!
I MISS YOU!! We need to skype or I will try to call you soon! Been way too long! Missin' my big sista :-)
Love ya! kax xoxo

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hey girl, finally we have water inside, but very little. The city only gave us about 20 minutes of water this morning. Yikes, not enough to do anything! The hand is a little better today. Miss you too