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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Such is Everyday Life

Hola. The other day I went to town.

When I left the house Cookies did not even bother to say goodbye, have a nice time, bring me a treat. So I just left.

I went on new old bike to meet a friend at a lovely little new bistro, Teresita's.
Calle Galeana was completely blocked off due to filming of the Telenovella, but I got through just fine.

Teresita's is a wonderful little bakery and coffee shop. She serves super cappuccinos and lattes. I am so hooked. Her music is good, too, she is bordering strong competition with Starbucks.
Below are a few photos of Teresita's. Huge windows, beautiful tiles, lots of ovens, espresso machines and sticky buns.

On my ride back home I noticed a parade of cars and trucks coming up our street. It turns out that our street became a major thoroughfare for Alamos drivers because of the street closure over on Galeana. It was a huge mess, especially when one of the TBC bus drivers decided he could make the sharp turn at the top of our street. He finally did, after about twenty minutes of backing up and adjusting this way and that. The long line of cars behind him had to back up, in turn, to allow the driver to make amends.

Cookies did not seem to mind. He snoozed through the whole mess.............didn't even say, oh, hi, you're back.......... have a nice time??

Just when I thought Galeana would surely open, Jesus, from down the street, brought his bulls up to a different field. His little boys, riding their burros, swinging their coiled ropes in their hands, herded the bulls in and out of the line of pick ups and explorers, as if they did this every day. I was so in awe of the sight I could not break away for the camera.

Twilight came and the trees and the sky over Galeana were lit up with huge lights for the cameras and the traffic on our street got worse. Another TBC driver attempted the turn in the dark and had to back down and try again. Motorcyclists and bicyclists moved in and out of the cars. Then the little red tourist train decided to come up the street.

Shown below in a rainy photo from last year, the train normally runs every twenty minutes and its route is up Galeana, among other streets, but never ours. The conductor blows the train whistle every few minutes and from our house we can hear it all over town.

The little red train ran until eleven that night.
That's a lot of train whistle.............. right outside our window.

The Telenovella finished early this week and has taken its huge trucks and equipment and directors and actors away for awhile. But this is something they have been doing regularly and I am sure they will be back soon as they have decided to continue filming the show here indefinitely.

I am really hoping they will be done on our side of town.
Ah, well, such is every day life in this small beautiful town in Mexico. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.
Brazos.........linda lou


mermaid gallery said...

sounds like Mexico...always colorful, noisy, and chaotic, When i walk down our Canadian, small town's streets, i really notice how quiet everything is here....not the boisterousness of your town....(we get that way in the summer time, when the sun comes out...)

Leslie Limon said...

My youngest cat has been doing the same thing the past couple of days. I think he's having just as hard a time as I am with Daylight Savings. :)

I catch glimpses of the novela to see if I can spot anyone I know! :)

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hi Susan,
I remember those quiet PNW streets in small towns and yes, they come alive in the summer. We are truly alive year round!

Leslie, I have not had time to watch the novella yet, but I understand it can be seen on the computer as long as you are watching in Mexico. since we don't have a tv, I will hopefully find some time to watch online. Yes, Cookies is a lazy thing, but he is like that all the time.

Valary said...

Linda Lou, Thanks for following my blog. What a life you have...even more adventurous than having a baby at 45. I will be following you with lots of interest. Love those lazy kitty pics too.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hola Valary,
I don't know about that........ having a baby at 45 might top our adventure. How wonderful for you!