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Thursday, April 28, 2011

More Little Water Woes


The water situation has become worse, not better. We did end up purchasing a tankload of water and I would sure like to know where it came from, smelly stuff in my opinion. Not something I will want to brush my teeth with really.

We have had more than a few days without any water at all coming from the city. When we do get it we are still getting only about an hour's worth. The stories I hear from other barrios are not good. A few barrios without any water at all. So we are lucky to be getting our hour share. The water sanitization companies that sell the garaphones are doing a booming business!

I wish we had thought to ask Senor Franciso Ortiz Soto, from whom we bought our casa, why this old well was filled in with dirt. A number of our neighbors have good deep working wells. I wonder what happened to this one?

It's nice to have flowers blooming there, but I would rather have water blooming. One of these days, months or years, I think we will have to investigate and find out what is down there.

In the meantime, we have what we have.

And one thing we now have is a partially completed portal roof. With the exception of the one little odd shaped placa up there at the top, the portal is finished out to the south end. I still have to paint a few vigas. But that's okay.

Senor says that before long the roof, on the other side of the big beam, will be done out to eight feet, (right about to the edge of the little table), a fan and light will be up and it will be like we have half of the hilton garden room back. Nice. Ho, hum, we will see how long before long is.

The photo above is interesting. Those may be sun spots, but I was well out of the sun when I took the photo. Local Alamenses believe anytime spots like these show up in a photo, it means spirits are nearby. My Mexicana friend insists this photo says we have lots of spirits around our house. They are most likely trying to get used to the portal.

She also told me to look out of the corners of my eyes and not directly ahead and I may see them. I tried that the other night and it isn't easy to do, but she says I should keep trying especially since part of our casa is very old.

Senor came home with a big bag of aloe vera plants yesterday. A friend gave them to him to put on his wounded thumb. I reminded him that we have about six of these plants so he has an endless supply of fresh aloe and no excuse for not getting perfectly back to normal. So today he is at bridge and he is shuffling and dealing.

I have been on glass order fast forward and after this next fire I just might not cut any more glass for a long time. I have a lot of other things I need to get going. This is only one of twenty new pendants and after tomorrow night's fire there should be about thirty more.

So,I am on Antibiotic Round #Three for this kidney infection. But trying not to let it slow me down. The care I have been getting at the IMSS clinic has been great.

This afternoon I will be experimenting on the asador (our grill). I plan to build a fire and braise chomboros, which are shanks, and chilis in a big pot over the fire. I have been cooking these a bit in the past and they are excellent, but on the hot plate for three hours? I think that is raising our electricity bill higher than the kiln. So, first a siesta with Cookies, and then, I will light the carbon and toss the shanks in the pot.

Hoooweee, in the high nineties with a good breeze blowing, keeping the heat at bay.

Perfect afternoon for a hot fire!

Que tengas buen dia! linda lou


judysquiltsandthings said...

Spirits and filled in well, any connection? Hummm. . .Nooooo, I hope not! LOL You may not want to go digging in that well!

norm said...

You might ask those people with wells how deep the water table is in your area. My guess, the reason that your dug well is filled in: is that it went dry-overuse dropped the static level of the ground water. Are their wells dug or bored? Bored wells can be very deep and are a better investment as far as long term access to the water table. Is their room to get a drilling rig into your patio area? In my area a good deep bored well with pump, holding tank and the underground wiring required for it all can run as much as ten grand-OH MY!

Ter'e said...

Linda y Senor:
I just discovered your blog. I love it. Cannot wait to have the time to read all the posts. I have just ordered my first pair of earrings from you and I cannot wait to receive them. I have a feeling I will covet your jewelry. Each piece is more beautiful than the last.
You two are living the good life!!!!!

Ian Huntington said...

Your portal is looking great! So sorry to read about Senor's hand. Ouch!!! Burns can be so painful but he's down playing it - what a strong, dedicated man! You are a lucky girl! It may be a good thing that the water shortage is slowing building progress to allow his hand to heal.
I suspect that most of your plants, especially native ones, will come back when the rains returns in late June. That is a characteristic of of that beautiful eco-system you live in.
Continue to enjoy your blogs and soak up all the fascinating information on Alamos. Get well soon yourself and don't piss off those spirits! (Although it might make very intersting reading.)

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hey, Judy, you may be right, whatever is there might best be left there???

norm, wells here are dug, there is no such thing around as a drilling rig. I appreciate all of your information, hmm, maybe soemday we will check into it!

ter'e! welcome to the blog and yes, thanks so much for your purchase from glasspondstudio. it will be on its way soon to you in lovely Florida! Yea, we think we are truly living the good life!

bahahaha, glenn ian, what more can i say!!