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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Need Help

Buenos dias!
I need blog help. I can no longer move my photos and adjust them to where I want them to be in the text. I can't click on the picture and move it nor can I move it when editing the Html.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. We recently had someone work on our computer and not much has been the same since. Many of my pages pop up in Spanish and I have tried to correct this to no avail. A number of things I used to be able to do just can't be done anymore.

Moving photos around is very important to a blog post and it is annoying because there is so much I want to show you and now, it will really be the quite the jumbled up mess. So stay with me and maybe someone will tell me how to solve this problem and my next post will then be more organized and you will be able to follow it more easily.

We are having a very dry spell. Water rationing is going on big time. Since I am the water girl, it is important to stay on top of the rationing and keep everything from dying off. Some of our established plants, like the beautiful old plumeria above don't need much water, but our new palms and younger plants need it often.

Days have been warm and windy, with some cloud cover and that helps the water situation, but last week there were so many times when I went out to water only to discover, there was no city water coming in and not much water left in the cistern, which only holds about 600 gallons.

Since I am an early riser, I put myself in detective mode and began to figure out the city system for turning on the water. This must be for the entire city because I imagine one valve somewhere, at some building somewhere, where one person goes and just opens it or shuts it, water on, water off.

The water is coming on very early, maybe before five am. It is turning off around nine am. So, if you have a cistern and the city water feeds automatically, you are good to go. Like us, if it does not feed automatically, you have got to be on top of it in order to turn on your connection to the city water to fill your cistern. If you don't have a cistern or a tinnaco, you are only getting water straight into your house during those hours.

So, I am up early every morning to turn on the city water and fill the cistern so we have plant water and water for concrete or other construction purposes. I am not a water waster, so this all makes me appreciate the way Senor is constructing the roof to catch rain water......someday.

I am also glad we have our washing machine set up as it is to send the gray water to many of the plants between the casa and the adobe street wall. For example, the plants below are flourishing because they get the run off and I seldom water them.

Now this is the snarly part about the photographs. Here below you will see Umberto is chipping away at the ladrillos so Senor can put in all of the electrical outlets for the kitchen to be............this photo does not go here.................
Then here you will see the pretty clouds from yesterday.....................
Then here is the cistern again. That white pipe connects to the drain from the washing machine, so it pretty much turns into a small pond in this area when we do laundry.

And here you will see how nice all of this looks. You can see Senor at the gate and by the way, he is playing bridge three times this week. He that ok? Well I say as long as you are working on the house in the mornings that is fine. So, here he is busy, very hard at work, buying tamales from the little boys who come around every morning.
Oh, and now you will see a beautiful palm frond. That photo of a new shoot signifies that even though we are on water rationing, we are managing to keep our plants healthy and happy.
And here you can see into the cistern which I am filling as I write. And now what I have to say is I hope someone else is experiencing this blogger problem and can help me get back to being able to move my photos around or I will go crazy.
So enough for now. I welcome all advice. Saber es poder...............knowledge is power............over the blogpost.


Jacqui said...

Hi LL, I think you will find this is a Blogger problem, not your computer. Another of my blogger friends has started having the same problems with photos and also, she is unable to get paragraphs properly. She says this is becoming a common problem on Blogger. Not sure what the solution is though. As yet, I'm not experiencing such difficulties but I presume I will at some point.

Steve Cotton said...

I have had the same problem with Blogger for over a year. I have solved it by writing my text and then downloading my photographs. I can put the first one at the head -- as I always do. But for each subsequent photograph, I need to add a hard return in front of the photograph, place my cursor there, and then insert the photograph. (The alternative is to put the hard return where you want the photograph while typing.) And then I need to go back and remove the excess spaces.

At times I need to find a paragraph with proper spacing and copy it to the offending paragraph. Fortunately, I do not need to do that very often.

This is one reason I usually publish only one photograph for each post.

judysquiltsandthings said...

I've had problems with Blogger since day one with the way it loads photos. My solution is to load photos starting with the last one first. Blogger will add all subsequent photos on top of the previous one. So I am loading photos in reverse order. Then like Steve I add text after the photos. I'm also using the 'none' formatting for the photos as I seem to have less problems adding text. There are a lot of people going to Word Press because they are tired of fighting Blogger over formatting errors.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, I am sooooo glad i posted with this problem and excited to get some ideas. I did not know others were having problems as well. I have posted many photos and Judy, I typically add them as you mentioned, last first and so on and then the text.But blogger is now deciding where to put the photos, no more choosing by me and then, not allowing me to change their position.
Steve, it sounds like you are doing first photo and then adding additional by placing the cursor where you want them. I think I will give that a try.
Jacqui, I also think it is a blogger problem, although I just was not sure after the work done on the computer is when I began having the problem. You know I am also posting in firefox, I wonder what would happen if I went back to my google internet browser. Anyways, some things to think about and try. Thank you all for your advice and suggestions. Now, first I will take a siesta..

Tancho said...

yes there are issues with Blogger, I finally went to Windows Live writer which is free, do all the stuff there and it automatically loads to Blogger.
Take a look, it's free too!

Steve Cotton said...

Tancho has a good idea. I was using Windows Live Writer as an off-line application because Blogger, at times, would fail to save my drafts. But Writer has its own format issues if you load multiple photographs. Even so, it is a good solution that I do not use as often as I once did.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks for the information. It is interesting. I am working on finding my problem with blogger, but won't rule out other options.
Everyone, thanks so very much for your input. It is very much appreciated. LL

Anonymous said...

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