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Every day brings a new discovery.
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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Buenos dias.

I thought you might like to see Senor's big hand. I took this on the day of the accident. Now several days later it is not that big 'looking'. He definitely has a good burn there and is using an antibiotic ointment. He has had to miss bridge twice because he thinks he cannot shuffle.

Word is certainly out about this inconvenience and he has received a number of calls from his bridge friends inquiring about his condition. It has been decided that Saturday he will play and someone will shuffle for him.We are really experiencing a terrible water shortage here. We did not even get any water at all on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Not one drop. This morning we got twenty two minutes.

We were not able to get any more water up to our tinnaca and it is just about empty.

We are looking at our plants and determining which ones we may have to let go. I hope this will not happen, but if more water does not come soon, some of the plants will die. We will get another large garaphon, the water jug, and we will go down to Dolisa and fill it and water the most critical plants. And probably use it for a back up inside the house.

I thought the whole town would most likely be on the same ration routine, but now I am hearing of people receiving water at other times of the day. So just like everyone else we are now leaving our hose open to the cistern all day and night and hoping to get a little more water.
The rainy season does not begin until late June and this is not looking very good.

Another problem created by this shortage is Senor is not mixing any concrete because there is no water to mix it with. So all the lovely beams and vigas are on hold and I am busy thinking we need a larger cistern.

We know people who have sixty thousand gallon cisterns. Can you imagine! Ours holds six hundred! Maybe we just need another tinnaca. Now that is a reasonable possibility.

For almost ten years prior to our moving here, the state of Sonora experienced a terrible drought. I hope we are going to have another.

Wherever you are, give thanks for your water!!
Que le vaya bien! linda lou


Nancy said...

Can you buy a truck of water? That's what people do here sometimes if they aren't getting water. I think it costs about $300-$500 pesos. They could fill your cistern and tinaco and maybe your neighbors could bring some garafons to fill too.

Good luck!

Trinidad said...

Water is rationed everywhere in Mexico. In Nayarit, we only get water every other day, but thanks to a well dug by my husband a long time ago we never have to worry about not having water.

Just before I left Nayarit in February they were experiencing a shortage and we had to share our well water with other families. We were more than happy to do so, especially for all of the kids.

Hope you guys get water soon and that Señor recovers quickly!

Lisa n Javi said...

Wow I cant not imagine Senor's hand looking bigger. Hope it gets better soon and I hope you gets some water sooner than later.

Jonna said...

I was going to suggest buying a truck of water but Nancy beat me to it. When the pump would die out in the campo where Akumal's water used to come from, we'd all go in together and buy trucks of water to fill the cisternas until they got it fixed. We are lucky here in Yucatan to have plentiful water, at least underground. I'm very glad to have a well so I can water my garden without using my cisterna - that is if there is electricity for the pump. It's always something.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Hello all, we did break down and bought a truckload of water. Thanks for your thoughts as well toward Senor. He is much better today.

Brenda said...

I hope Senors hand heals quickly and painlessly and also hope you get water soon.
Have a great Easter.

Jacqui said...

There are some adventures you prefer not to have and a trip to the hospital is one. We managed to avoid fathoming out the Spanish hospitals, although we should probably have gone when Neil hit me on the head with the lump hammer! I hope Señor is better soon, those burners are fierce!

Glad you have a solution for your water, it will be a shame if you lose your plants but they may surprise you and survive somehow until the rains revive them.

The UK is known for April showers, yet this has been one of the driest Aprils on record, so we may be looking at shortages in the next few months if we don't get some substantial rain soon.

Take care.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Thanks everyone for the comments. Yes,Nancy, a truckload of water was good for about 2 loads of laundry and 2 showers and got all the dishes washed and opps, out of water again.

Trinidada, we have a well, too, just don't know what's in it as it is filled with dirt!

Hola lisa n javi, Senor is much better, but the water is not. I have my fingers crossed though for a big change.

jonna, yes, a water truck, we were lucky to get it1 I am glad to hear you have a well. As I have mentioned, someday we will see what is in ours!

brenda, I hope you guys will not have a water shortage in Guaymus and thx, senor is better.

Jacqui, I think you are right, the plants will take a little nap, but they will probably survive.