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Monday, July 6, 2009

All is Quiet Here

Buenos Dias! You can see the rain is coming late yesterday, but Bill and I took a walk anyway, certain we could beat it home. Sure enough, we got home as the first little sprinkles began and Cookies was still in his usual hide out. He thinks he is invisible in there. Whenever anyone comes over (and he can not get in the bedroom quickly enough) he jumps up in here and thinks no one can see him. When we have to return to Tucson, I will throw a sheet over the table so he can truly hide..................... of course, we hope no one comes to visit while we are gone..................
This was a big rain, but oddly enough, no thunder and no lightning. Just alot of rain coming out of the canalis and afterward, huge globs of mud all over the yard. In the middle of the photo you can see how the weeds and grass are now coming up and soon our yard will be emerald green in color.
On July 4th, I mowed the lawn. It was about four inches high and it was still about that high when I was done. I did not lower the blade enough and really was not paying any attention as I mowed. That is a huge zone out time for me. By tomorrow, the grass will be around eight or ten inches high, so I will do it again.....

We are still waiting to hear about the election outcome here in Alamos.
By Friday night, all was quiet. We thought we would be seeing huge last ditch efforts by all parties: fireworks, parties, speeches, food and balloons, but there was nothing. The liquor sale ban went into effect at 12:01am, Saturday morning and town was very quiet.
It was even more quiet on Saturday, July 4th, night, and while we celebrated and had a great dinner with friends, the rest of town seemed to be sleeping. We were told there was no more campaigning and even television ads had been discontinued. When we drove home, not a soul was on the streets. Our truck and the truck of fellow dinner guests were the only moving vehicles we saw.
On Sunday, there were long lines of people at the various election stations. I walked to town twice, once to find the store I needed to visit, closed and again, just to see what was going on.
Right before dark, we drove to our favorite video store. People were everywhere. They were milling around the alameda, drinking limonadas, eating ice cream at the plaza. There were a few new vendors around the plaza that I have not seen before. people were still in long lines to vote.

Last night was very quiet and we watched our movie out in the garden room while the water pooled around us.
This morning I walked to town and there was hardly anyone in town. All very quiet. No celebrating going on, no one jumping up and down in the streets for joy. Even the dogs were quiet. The birds, who could care less, sang all night.
If you go to the Alamos Portfolio link, on 'other sites we like', and knock on the portfolio door, click on the history club and then again, on politics, you can read a very interesting account of the PRI and PAN parties during the 1994 election in Alamos. The same two candidates who ran for those parties that year were on yesterday's ballot again, for the same positions. In 1994, this created some hostility and a huge sit-in. We wonder what it will do for this election.
We have heard from others, in their towns, about winning party declarations and celebrations already being held, but it is very quiet here.......


Jan said...

Cookies looks very much like our cat, Niko, who also likes to hide out but also wants to be in the think of things in an anonymous way. We will still make it to Alamos sometime this summer. I sounds wonderful. We had rain in San Carlos last night. It was great!

glorv1 said...

Hi Linda Lou and Senor Too. Thanks for stopping by my blog and telling me about the skulls you made last year. I'm hoping to do a little work on them today but we got a new refrigerator and now I have to put everything in it from the frig in the garage. Hey, you have a pretty nice blog here. Do you still live in Los Alamos? Have you moved to Sonora yet? My Grandparents came from Sonora, Mexico. I need to backtrack on your blog when time allows. Again thx and I did get a couple of ideas from the info you provided on skulls. Take care.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

hi glorv1,
yes, you will have to backtrack the blog. We are in Alamos, Sonora! Have been here since June 2008 and loving it! glad you liked the skull ideas. will look forward to seeing what you do next! Me? I am going to make a cake cover out of papier mache' next week.

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