Senor and Linda Lou have been in Pueblo Alamos, Sonora, Mexico for 10 years.
Every day brings a new discovery.
They are still working on the casa............Senor says, it won't be long.........but Linda Lou says, it won't be long until what..............stay tuned to find out what's next.

Friday, July 10, 2009

And there has been a recount......

Hola, hola, hola.

I went to town yesterday, paid the water bill, checked the mail, and had a nice conversation with the mail lady about how hot it was. At the mercado a small bottle of glue was $48 pesos (around $3.50 US) and I balked, but bought it anyway. I have to get on with the cake cover project and need glue. I could get a huge bottle of glue for about .89 cents, if it was on sale at Target, if I were north of the border..............

Back at the plaza I stopped at the raspado truck and got my favorite limonada (lime) raspado, with the center filled with salt and two fresh lime halves. I need to stop getting the salt.

I sat on a bench at the plaza and it was very quiet and then, all of a sudden, trucks and cars were going around the plaza, and kids were running in and around the benches and two old senors came and sat right beside me.

The senors asked me how I was and I asked them how they were and then, two little boys came by selling pan, and the senors bought some to eat with their habaneros and I could just feel the heat and noise getting to me.

So, I decided it was time to leave.
Right alongside the Palacio is a nice shaded stairway that leads up to the Casa de la Cultura. From the top of the stairs I took the photos of the emerald green hills and the restoration of the church. In the middle of the big rocks in the third photo there is a small dot, it almost looks like it has a dark center. It is a goat. I could see it through my camera lense, but it just will look like a circle to you. We have friends who live at the base of those rocky hills and from their portal we can watch both brown and white goats up on the cliffs.

At the cultural center I talked to my friend who oversees the events there. She said she has a project for me, but could not tell me more until next week. So she will come by next week and we will eat and talk. I told her to call first. If the furniture comes, we may be north of the border.........
I have about 6 projects going on right now; my cake cover (which I will tell you more about later, so far it has been a ridiculous mess, but I am working on changing that), I am sewing a skirt (it took me three days to remember how to thread the machine), I am linseed oiling all the tables and chairs (I have a funny smell about me), I am scotchguarding all the fabric cushions I have (I have two funny smells about me), I did an inventory of my acrylic and watercolor paints and found paper and canvass (I plan to do the same flower in both paints and I am absolutely not an artist at all, I just like to mess with paint).
The man with the barro blancos is still not back from California and Senor says he needs the ladder, so I cannot work on making the fence or stand on a crooked ladder painting the cement vigas. Instead I have been filling my days with other projects.
Another project from the culture center will certainly not get in the way.

Today I had a fun little project to add to my list. A friend gave me one hundred and twenty-six little naranjitas from her tree. Naranjitas means little orange. These are actually kumquats and as you may know, there is nothing sweet about them. There is a tree down the street. On the way back from the track, I frequently pick the naranjitas and eat them because I am usually dying of thirst by then.

I have an electric juicer, but it is not the kind that will seperate the juice from the peel, so using the hand squeezer, I squished one hundred and twenty-six (kept count as I squished) little naranjitas and got one cup of juice.

I added three scant tablespoons of sugar, one cup of water and poured it into an ice cube tray. Does this qualify me as a food blogger?

Now senor can add cute little ice cubes to his water during the day.

Speaking of projects, I do not want to leave senor and his projects out of the picture. He is working way too long in the heat, but getting so much done.
Today he did stop at noon and is lounging now with his book. The ground that will be below the concrete floor of the portal is being leveled and a few more support beams have been poured.
I think this is looking great. This portal will be beautiful. It has been our intention all along to do alot of our daily living on the portal. Remember, everything to the right will be enclosed. The new kitchen will eventually be about where the higher stacks of wood are located.

AND, before I go, I want to inform you, there has been a recount. I am happy to announce that we have only been north of the border seven times in the last year............adios! linda lou


Chrissy y Keith said...

Hi LL, you can also make marmelade out of the kumquats. I did it with my limequats and it is easy and good.

Jacqui said...

And here in Spain, we also get lemquats (lemons & kumquat cross). Thank you for your comment on my EOS blog - I have loved looking at your blog - I have also been documenting our move to Spain over the last couple of years ( with our 2 Cavalier Spaniels who are struggling a little with the heat at the moment, and our main aim of each day is keeping them cool.

I look forward to staying in touch Linda.

Ian Huntington said...

Beautiful pictures! The portal is coming along - it will be wonderful. Loli at La Puerta Roja makes a wonderful marmelade with those naranjitos (if I've spelled it correctly). I think you had some one morning with us? But then, making marmelade would be another project.(Ha) Not sure you have the time.