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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Cake Pan Cover

I will get right to the point because my mom called earlier and is very eager to see the cake pan cover. There it is.

So, now you have seen it. If you want to know how I did it, you can read on and there are also more photos of the finished product at the end of the post.

If you find this all rather boring and not your kind of thing, just log out and (to use a phrase our son Ian came up with) don't blame about it, which basically means, no worries, get on with stuff.......

Should you be sticking around for the details........HI MOM!!!!.......I will give you some history.
It was either a half of a fish that would hang on the wall or a cake pan cover. I decided the fish would be very complicated after looking at a website where a guy makes dragons out of papier mache'. So I went for the cake pan cover.

It took two tries.

The first try I used light weight screen for the form, and covered it with masking tape to give it some strength. I made a mixture of glue, flour and water, dunked the torn newspaper strips in the mixture and slapped them on the form.

this did not work.....................the torn pieces of paper were too big and they caused the screen to warp and then it got too heavy after it dried and then, it smelled terrible....................

So, I switched to Plan B...................... a new screen that I made into a circle and only masked off at the seam.
I omitted the flour and went with straight water and glue, used very small strips of paper and covered first the main body and then, the top, which I simply cut out of a piece of cardboard and slathered the glue and newspaper on.

I used masking tape to connect the top to the main body and added more newspaper to firm it all up and then painted it white.
After cutting two slits in the top, I inserted a wadded and rolled up piece that I shaped into a handle and covered that in newspaper and tape. I taped this handle where it met the top and added more newspaper and then painted that white as well.

I wanted to paint it in a talavera style, so I followed the design of a dish I have. I made a grid out of cardboard and penciled in all the little squares and other designs I wanted.
Below you can see the squares have been painted with blue acrylic and the other designs which were also penciled in using the cardboard grid, are painted in browns, yellows and orange acrylics. Later I went over that all again and put in alot of black details.

After I completed all this background work, I drew in the flowers and leaves and started painting them. I used blues, and greens, and yellow and orange and red and magenta (all acrylics I found here at the mercado, along with about six other paints I am saving for some other unknown project).
After it dried I put three coats of brilliant high gloss varnish on it and Voila! A cake pan cover!

Now, all I need is a cake!!
adios, linda lou


Chrissy y Keith said...

Clearly you have meant to indimidate me with your crafting skills... Very pretty Linda!

Irma's Rose Cottage said...

Wow! What a great cake cover. You did a fantastic job. Love the design and colors.

Hugs :)


Jan said...

Wow, that's really beautiful! I think your mom wants one! I know I do. The design is very Mexican.

Jacqui said...

I'd never heard of a cak epan cover before reading your blog - in England we tend to have cake tins - a large tin with a lid, rather than a cover to put over the cake, while still on the plate.

It's so necessary when you live in somewhere hot because the flies seem to be able to smell food the instance you remove any cover, certainly her in Spain they are around in seconds.

I love the design and that you've made it yourself - I have no artistci skills at all so I'm always envious of those that do.

1st Mate said...

Gorgeous! You have mastered the Talavera style and created something really unique. And it looks big enough for a whopper of a cake.

~~kattz*cottage~~ said...

It's Awesome girl! Just beautiful & SO bright & colorful! You did a great job & you will have very HAPPY CAKES! I'm next in line after Mom if you decide to make more!


MarthaAnn said...

LOVE, LOVE your cake cover.
I check your BLOG each morning --
hoping to read about a new experience that Senor and you are having.
Thank you for sharing.

Nancy said...


You are amazing. It is stunning. But you know what? You might need a platter to go with it? Something to put some cookies on? Or napkin rings?

What kind of a cake did you make when it was completed? I'm sure it was fun to put the cover on when you'd had a piece. Congratulations.

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

thank you everyone for your great comments on the cake pan cover! Stay tuned for 2 cake recipes I will share! and yes, I suppose now I need to make a plate for the cake to go on.....