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Monday, July 20, 2009

Should I ask or Should I not ask?

Hey, on Saturday night we were minding our own business, typical night, planning to grill, watch a movie on the laptop.
A cool exception to this typical evening was Senor finally has replaced his old rotisserie with a new heavy duty fandangled thing that actually holds weight and works.

If you recall, we put two turkeys on the old skinny rotiserrie last Thanksgiving and the turkeys first bent and then broke it.

So, Saturday night, Senor put a nice size chicken on the new spit that he and his iron worker friend created and it turned perfectly.
So, as the chicken spun around over the coals, we walked around the yard, looked at the new fence posts, removed a few brown leaves from plants, watched the grass grow.
We commented how still and hot it was and how we wished it would rain.

About halfway into the grill, without any warning, a very heavy rain began to fall. We had a few brownouts, but by using the flashlight and an umbrella, Senor was able to finish dinner.
By then, the whole town was out of power and the thunder and lightning arrived and we had to skip the movie, but ate a tasty chicken out in the garden room, in the dark. There was so much lightning we did not even need any candles.

That Saturday morning, some very lovely ladies asked me to go on a road trip with them. We went to Navajoa.
I know, that is not really very far, but we went in a cadillac!
And we had lunch and went to Sorianna Market, which is where I bought the movie we planned to watch that evening before the power went out.
I bought Arizona Dream for twenty-six pesos. We did finally watch the movie, Arizona Dream, with Johnny Depp, Faye Dunaway and Jerry Lewis, on Sunday night. Senor said it was a ridiculous waste of time and a very ridiculous movie and it was ridiculous that he even bothered to sit through the whole ridiculous thing.
I didn't think it was toooooo bad...............I might even watch it again. If you have seen it, the very youthful Johnny Depp already has developed a playfulness that makes the 'Pirates' movies, in my opinion, such a hit.
Also, in Arizona Dream, he is just beginning to make a hair statement, as his hair sticks up through out the entire movie, as if he just got out of bed. Does this qualify me as a movie blogger?
There was a huge selection of movies at Sorianna. They are all in English with spanish subtitles. I saw holiday movies, kid movies, an old PT boat movie, some black and white movies. The best thing is they are all cheap.
So, I also bought Year of the Gun, with Sharon Stone, for twenty-two pesos. Stone, on the cover, looks like she is about twenty years old. So, the movies are old and if you were to ask Senor, he would say..................probably all ridiculous.
At Sorianna I also bought some very familiar looking fruit. You can see it in the photo below. Here in Alamos, we have mexican apples, but the big town of Navajoa imports their galas, pink ladies and goldens from Washington.

Outside our door this morning I was greeted by another old familiar Washington sight, the slug. This was not the big juicy three incher from the northwest, but definitely, a slug.

While I was in town this morning getting some black paint for the cake pan cover, Umberto came by to tell us he needed to get his tooth pulled and could not work. So Senor went by himself to pick up another truckload of barro blanco wood.
Then he got the photo below, looking through the portal of the little casa behind us. You can see the little old senor has put his sonoran cot out under the portal.

It is late in the day now. I called the moving company. They say the truck is leaving Seattle tomorrow and our stuff is in the very front of the truck and will be the first stop. Notice I did not say they called me. I wonder how this will all turn out.
The sky is turning dark purple to the east. But there is absolutely no wind.
I have pablano peppers, potatoes, carrots, meat and epazote in the crock pot.
Should I ask Senor if he wants to watch Year of the Gun?


Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

now that i have posted this, i need to make a clarification. senor loves all kinds of movies, newer and older, as long as they don't have ridiculous plots..... maybe 25 pesos for a movie is an obvious hint.

1st Mate said...

As I remember, that Sharon Stone western definitely would not be called a chick flick. He might like it.

Anonymous said...

I think there is more to it than just the movie-the "chiste" is that you can go somewhere not sooo far away and buy something in English at a decent opposed to getting something "new" off of Itunes or somewhere---and it is not pirata either, those movies-cds at the caseta rumbo a Obregón just won´t quite do it.....FYI---just last week...well, like 10 days ago, before moving home to CA, I hit up the movie bin at Blockbuster in Navojoa-they had some 29 peso movies and they were buy 2 get one free, u can mix and match prices, but the cheapest is the free one, I got a documentary on life in Afghanistan, Miss Congeniality 2, and a movie about Croatia....good mix....just had to make sure they were "region 1/4" PS Enquiring Navojoa minds want to know where you had lunch???

Linda Lou and Senor, Too said...

Now, I am excited> I never thought of going to Blockbuster! I will put that on the to do list. Lunch was at the seafood place across the street from the picture show. It has black screens and tecate written all over the building. I always thought they just sold tecate. In fact when we pulled up, I thought maybe they wanted to buy beer, but it was a seafood restaurant and the four page menu is all seafood and it was terrific!

Cynthia Johnson and Mike Nickell said...

HA! I love the closeup shot of the apple and lable. When I first spied Washington apples in Guaymas I think I cried...

Anonymous said...

oh man-it is exciting to ME that I could contribute something to your "list" I am currently making my own "list" of new things to "experience" in the OC when my friend who lives in Navojoa comes up "to the other side" this fall to visit her family- and oh man, you ate at ....wait, is it Los Arbolitos? or is that the old name? I always forget...anyways, good choice! and jaja, if they were "driving up to by beer" they coulda driven thru the "La Cullita" drive is along Pesquiera, across from the Cine as well....I just can´t remember where it is in relation to "Los Arbolitos" (if I am wrong on the name, I will let u know)